Changing the Java version of Flow Management Data Hub clusters

Java 8 and 11 are installed on CDP Public Cloud Data Hub nodes by default. When you create a new cluster, Java 8 is used as the default JDK. However, it is possible to switch to Java 11 after provisioning a new cluster or after upgrading your cluster to version 7.2.17.

  1. Open the Cloudera Manager UI and click the Clusters tab in the left-hand navigation.
  2. Click NiFi in the list of services to display the NiFi service page.
  3. Click Configuration and update the nifi.jdk.home property.
    • Java 8: /usr/lib/jvm/java
    • Java 11: /usr/lib/jvm/java-11

  4. Repeat the same steps for the NiFi Registry service as well.

  5. Restart NiFi and NiFi Registry.
  6. Optional: When the services are restarted, you can confirm the Java version used by NiFi.
    1. Open the NiFi UI and click the Global menu in the top right corner.
    2. Click Cluster > Versions