Understand the use case

You can use Apache NiFi to move data from a range of locations into an Operational Database cluster running Apache HBase in CDP Public Cloud.

Today’s scalable web applications for use cases like hotel or flight bookings as well as mobile banking applications are relying on an equally scalable database which can serve data at a very low latency. Cloudera’s Operational Database in CDP Data Hub is powered by Apache HBase and provides application developers with everything they need to build scalable applications on top of it.

You can use Apache NiFi data flows into Apache HBase in a CDP Public Cloud Operational Database cluster to make sure that the applications you build on top always have access to the latest data.

This use case walks you through the steps associated with creating an ingest-focused data flow from Apache Kafka into HBase. If you are moving data from a location other than Kafka, review the Getting Started with Apache NiFi for information about how to build a data flow, and about other data get and consume processor options. You can also find instructions on building a data flow for ingest into other CDP components.