Meet the prerequisites

Use this checklist to make sure that you meet all the requirements before you start building your data flow.

  • You have a CDP Public Cloud environment.

  • You have a workload service account with its username and password set to access Data Hub clusters.

    The predefined resource role of this service account is at least EnvironmentUser. This resource role provides the ability to view Data Hub clusters and set the FreeIPA password for the environment.

  • Your user is synchronized to the CDP Public Cloud environment.

  • You have a Flow Management cluster in your CDP Public Cloud environment running Apache NiFi.

  • Your CDP user has been added to the appropriate pre-defined Ranger access policies to allow access to the NiFi UI.

  • You have a Data Discovery and Exploration cluster running Solr and Hue. This cluster must be in the same CDP environment as the Flow Management cluster.