Scaling up a NiFi cluster

You have a NiFi cluster and you want to increase the throughput by adding new nodes to your NiFi cluster.

You have a NiFi flow which is running.
  1. Log into CDP Public Cloud UI.
  2. Go to Management Console > Environments.
  3. Select the datahub cluster where your NiFi flow is running.

    If you go to the NiFi UI by clicking NiFi, you can check the current number of NiFi nodes in your cluster, as shown in the following image:

  4. Click Actions, and select Resize.

    The Cluster Resize window appears.

  5. Select your hostgroup from the dropdown, increase the number of nodes by clicking the + icon, and then click Resize.

    It takes some time for the change to take place. In the NiFi UI you can see when the upscale event is completed and the new nodes are added to the NiFi cluster.

You have now successfully scaled up your NiFi cluster.