Fixed issues in Streaming Analytics

Review the list of Streaming Analytics issues that are resolved in Cloudera DataFlow for Data Hub 7.2.18.

  • CSA-4464 - CSA parcel is built with an interim CDP build
  • CSA-4624 - Sensitive field redaction can be circumvented
  • CSA-4641 - Mask sensitive information in Environment
  • CSA-4650 - Inconsistent sidebar collapse behavior
  • CSA-4651 - Wrong padding for arrows on the right at the project homepage
  • CSA-4670 - Default operator of MV query ruleset is not set on UI
  • CSA-4672 - Fix chart wizard config options
  • CSA-4699 - Keytab upload starts failing in SSB after some time, requiring a restart
  • CSA-4723 - Adding delete source setting button
  • CSA-4799 - Table Metadata is not saved when job is run via sql/execute
  • CSA-4800 - ToString of Job can cause stack overflow
  • CSA-4939 - Knox Materialized View endpoints are broken
  • CSA-4973 - If auto TrustStore is enabled, validation fails on existing Kafka sources
  • CSA-4988 - Restrict connector and data format uploads to administrators