Using the service discovery on Streaming SQL Console

Using the Streaming SQL Console, you can import the Kafka, Schema Registry and Kudu services that already exist in your CDP Public Cloud environment. For the auto discovery, you need to provide the environment and machine user information that was provided by your administrator.

  1. Navigate to the Streaming SQL Console.
    1. Navigate to Management Console > Environments, and select the environment where you have created your cluster.
    2. Select the Streaming Analytics cluster from the list of Data Hub clusters.
    3. Select Streaming SQL Console from the list of services.
      The Streaming SQL Console opens in a new window.
  2. Open a project from the Projects page of Streaming SQL Console.
    1. Select an already existing project from the list by clicking the Open button or Switch button.
    2. Create a new project by clicking the New Project button.
    3. Import a project by clicking the Import button.
    You are redirected to the Explorer view of the project.
  3. Click Data Hub Service Discovery from the Project Manager.
  4. Provide the needed information to the corresponding field.
    Field Description Example
    Username Workload username of the Machine User. csa-test
    Password Workload password of the Machine User. Password123!
    Environment Name The name of the CDP Public Cloud environment you are using. csa-test-env
    Base URL The URL snippet from the Management Console access URL.
    Access Key ID Access Key ID of the Machine User. 00a0a0aa-00aa-00aa-00a0-0000a0a00a0
    Access Key Private Key of the Machine User. Z66pxEXAMPLEKEY+Y3oIU070GEHS3kqi1EXAMPLEKEY=
  5. Click Start Discovery.
    The existing Kafka, Kudu and Schema Registry services in your environment should appear under Kafka Sources and Catalogs.