Flink Queries

Flink SQL supports querying data with SELECT statements and using different types of operations.

You can query data from a table using the SELECT statement.
Query Description Option
SELECT Querying data from a table using different operations.
  • Selecting all data in a table
  • Selecting data using different types of operations
The following table summarizes the supported operations for SELECT statement in SQL Stream Builder:
Operation Description Option
WHERE Querying data based on adding filters.
  • Using boolean expression
JOIN Joining data from tables based on an equivalent column.
  • Using temporal joins based on event time or processing time
  • Using lookup join
GROUP BY Grouping results using built-in or user defined functions.
  • Using with streaming table provides updated results
ORDER BY Ordering results to be sorted based on a specified expression.
  • Using with streaming table the primary sorting key needs to be time
For more information about Flink SQL, see the Apache Flink documentation.