Exporting or importing data flows with NiFi Toolkit CLI

NiFi CLI is a command line utility included in the NiFi Toolkit. You can use it to interact with NiFi and NiFi Registry instances to deploy versioned flows or manage process groups. You can also use the NiFi CLI to export and import flows in NiFi Registry when switching from one persistence provider to another, or for other use cases like syncing two different NiFi Registry instances.

In this use case, you can see how to switch from DatabaseFlowPersistenceProvider to GitFlowPersistenceProvider with the help of NiFi CLI. You can find details on how to:
  • Export your flows from NiFi Registry using the CLI
  • Clean up the databases
  • Change the flow persistence provider
  • Import all flows to your local Git repository
  • Configure NiFi Registry so that versioned flows in NiFi are automatically saved to the Git repository.