Running a simple SQL job

You can use this Getting Started use case to get familiar with the most simple form of running a SQL Stream job.

The Getting Started contains the basic steps of running a SQL Stream job. When executing the job, you do not need to select a sink as the results are displayed in the browser. SQL Stream Builder provisions a job on your cluster to run the SQL queries. You can select the Logs tab to review the status of the SQL job. As data is returned, it shows up in the Results tab.

  1. Navigate to the Streaming SQL Console.
    1. Navigate to Management Console > Environments, and select the environment where you have created your cluster.
    2. Select the Streaming Analytics cluster from the list of Data Hub clusters.
    3. Select Streaming SQL Console from the list of services.
      The Streaming SQL Console opens in a new window.
  2. Open a project from the Projects page of Streaming SQL Console.
    1. Select an already existing project from the list by clicking the Open button or Switch button.
    2. Create a new project by clicking the New Project button.
    3. Import a project by clicking the Import button.
    You are redirected to the Explorer view of the project.
  3. Click next to Jobs from the Explorer.
  4. Select New Job > Create.
    The SQL Editor for the created job opens in a tab.
  5. Select datagen from the Templates.
    The CREATE TABLE statement is imported to the SQL window.
  6. Add a SELECT query to the SQL window after the datagen template.
    SELECT * FROM <table_name>
  7. Click Execute.
    You can see the generated output on the Results tab.
  8. Click on the Stop button to stop the job.