Configure the HBase client service

You can add Controller Services to provide shared services to be used by the processors in your data flow. In the case of data ingest into HBase, use a Controller Service to configure the HBase client service.

When ingesting data into HBase in CDP Public Cloud, use the HBase_2_ClientService Controller Service.

You must define the Controller Services for the processors in your data flow in the configuration of the root process group where they will be used.

  1. To add a Controller Service to your flow, right-click on the Canvas and select Configure from the pop-up menu. This displays the Controller Services Configuration window.
  2. Select the Controller Services tab.
  3. Click the + button to display the Add Controller Service dialog.
  4. Select the required Controller Service and click Add.
  5. Perform any necessary Controller Service configuration tasks by clicking the Configure icon in the right-hand column.
  6. When you have finished configuring the options you need, save the changes by clicking the Apply button.
  7. Enable the Controller Service by clicking the Enable button (flash) in the far-right column of the Controller Services tab.
In this example, we are ingesting data into HBase, and will configure the HBase_2_ClientService Controller Service to create the HBase client service. For ingest data flows configure HBase_2_ClientService with the following required information. For a complete list of configuration properties, see the Controller Service documentation.
Property Description Example value for ingest data flow
Kerberos Principle

Specify the user name that should be used for authenticating with Kerberos.

Use your CDP workload username to set this Authentication property.


Kerberos Password

Provide the password that should be used for authenticating with Kerberos.

Use your CDP workload password to set this Authentication property.


Hadoop Configuration Files

Comma-separated list of Hadoop Configuration files, such as hbase-site.xml and core-site.xml for kerberos, including full paths to the files.

These are the files you downloaded in Obtain the HBase connection details.