Create the HBase target table

Before you can ingest data into Apache HBase in CDP Public Cloud, ensure that you have an HBase target table. These steps walk you through creating a simple table with one column family. Modify these instructions based on your ingest target table needs.

Your CDP user has the necessary Ranger permissions to create an HBase table.

  1. Ssh into one of your HBase nodes, entering your CDP user name and password when prompted.
    ssh <><>
  2. Use klist to verify your Kerberos ticket, to ensure that the Ranger permissions you have setup to create HBase tables will work with your CDP user.
  3. Open the HBase shell.
    hbase shell
  4. Create a new table.

    For example, to create a new table called customer, with one column family called customer_data, enter:

    create 'customer', 'customer_data'
  5. Verify that you have created your table.
    1 row(s)
  6. Create a Ranger policy that allows the CDP user to ingest data into this HBase table. You will use this CDP user later, when specifying credentials for your NiFi data flow.