CDP Public Cloud Release Notes

Release notes are regularly updated for the projects that make up CDP Public Cloud.

Data Services

Data Catalog

Data Catalog helps you manage, secure, and govern data assets across your enterprise.

Data Engineering

Data Engineering helps you submit Spark jobs to auto-scaling clusters.

Data Hub

Data Hub provides templates to help you launch and manage clusters for your workloads.

Data Visualization

Explore data with visuals. Share your insights with succinct charts, graphs, and interactive applications.

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse helps you create independent data warehouses and data marts that scale to meet your workload demands. It uses a different Runtime than other services.


DataFlow helps you deploy Apache NiFi data flows to auto-scaling Kubernetes clusters.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning unifies self-service data science and data engineering for multi-function analytics on data anywhere.

Management Console

Management Console is the administrative interface to CDP. Manage environments, data lakes, environment resources, and users across all CDP services.

Operational Database

Operational Database enables self-service creation of operational databases for rapid application prototyping and deployment.

Replication Manager

Replication Manager copies and migrates data and metadata among environments to fuel new workloads.

Public Cloud Runtime

CDF for Data Hub

CDF for Data Hub provides Flow Management, Streams Messaging, and Streaming Analytics cluster definitions for installation with Data Hub.

Cloudera Manager for Public Cloud

Cloudera Manager helps you manage, configure, and monitor clusters.