Verifying DNS setup

You must verify the DNS setup to ensure that the app domain DNS hostname points to the Load Balancer.

  1. Verify that the app domain DNS hostname has moved from single non-HA ECS Server to the Load Balancer.
    Hostname Expected Roles DNS Load Balancer Resolves to IP of LB host (or VIP). The example uses Both * and resolve to
  2. Verify the DNS setup with nslookup.
    For example,
    $ hosts=""
    $ for target in $hosts; do nslookup $target; done
    Server:	10.10.xx.xx
    Address:	10.10.xx.xx#53	canonical name =
    Server:	10.10.xx.xx
    Address:	10.10.xx.xx#53
    Name:	foobar.apps.ecs.​
DNS setup is verified.
You must now install the Load Balancer.