CDP Private Cloud Data Services network infrastructure considerations

Learn about the networking infrastructure consideration necessary to install CDP Private Cloud. The networking considerations for CDP Private Cloud Data Services are similar to the networking requirements for Cloudera Manager Virtual Private Clusters (CM VPC).

In CDP Private Cloud Data Services, the network bandwidth requirements are less stringent than those of the Cloudera Manager Virtual Private Cluster (VPC) because of data caching technology introduced at the compute layer, which is not available in VPCs.

While the initial load of data from the remote storage would require significant bandwidth between the compute and storage clusters, subject to the quantity of data ingested; subsequently, the network bandwidth requirements are lower.

The following list of network considerations will help you plan your network infrastructure before you install CDP Private Cloud Data Services:
  • Use 1 Gbps guaranteed bandwidth between each OpenShift worker node and each CDP Private Cloud Base DataNode. Cloudera recommends 10 Gbps guaranteed bandwidth.
  • Stress test the network infrastructure with all the OpenShift nodes trying to read or write from the CDP Private Cloud Data Services nodes at the same time.
  • Use the Spine-Leaf network architecture with no more than a 4:1 oversubscription between the spine and leaf switches.
  • Check the applicable ports used by Cloudera Runtime components.

For more information about minimum network performance requirements, network sizing, and designing a network topology, see Networking Considerations for Virtual Private Clusters.