Edge Flow Manager

Edge Flow Manager (EFM) is a management hub that supports a GUI-based tool to manage, control, and monitor MiNiFi agents deployed in the field. EFM helps reduce the time and cost of developing IoT applications by enabling you to visually build flows for collecting and processing data without writing any code.

EFM allows you to develop, deploy, run, and monitor edge flow applications and machine learning models at the edge. EFM offers an easy-to-use NiFi-like user interface that allows users to leverage many of the NiFi processors to design data flows that can be pushed out to the edge. These data flows can instruct the edge agent to collect specific data points from the edge device as well as process it at the edge and stream it into the enterprise. These flows can also be changed from the same user interface and can be deployed to the edge to any specific class of devices. This allows the user to change the behavior of a specific set of agents in the field based on specific criteria.