MiNiFi is an edge agent and can be deployed into thousands of edge devices to collect data. It is a light-weight version of NiFi and acts as a runtime at the edge to execute data flows. It comes in two flavors: Java and C++.

  • Java agent

    The Java agent is able to run most of the available processors of NiFi, but is a larger binary distribution and consumes greater system resources. If you need maximum flexibility to make routing and processing decisions at your point of origin of data, the Java agent is a good fit.

  • C++ agent

    The C++ agent is a smaller binary, consumes low system memory but it is able to run a limited subset of NiFi processors. If your primary concern is gathering and pushing data to downstream consumers and minimizing system impact, the C++ agent is a good fit. The smaller size enables it to be embedded within various types of devices as small as Raspberry Pi or other sensors used within IoT implementations.