IDLE_SESSION_TIMEOUT Query Option (CDH 5.15 / Impala 2.12 or higher only)

The IDLE_SESSION_TIMEOUT query option sets the time in seconds after which an idle session is cancelled. A session is idle when no activity is occurring for any of the queries in that session, and the session has not started any new queries. Once a session is expired, you cannot issue any new query requests to it. The session remains open, but the only operation you can perform is to close it.

The IDLE_SESSION_TIMEOUT query option overrides the ‑‑idle_session_timeout startup option. See Setting Timeout Periods for Daemons, Queries, and Sessions for the ‑‑idle_session_timeout startup option.

The IDLE_SESSION_TIMEOUT query option allows JDBC/ODBC connections to set the session timeout as a query option with the SET statement.



Type: numeric

Default: 0
  • If ‑‑idle_session_timeout is not set, the session never expires.
  • If ‑‑idle_session_timeout is set, use that timeout value.

Added in: CDH 5.15 / Impala 2.12

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