Installing and Upgrading the Sentry Service

This topic describes how to install and upgrade the Sentry service. If you are migrating from Sentry policy files to the database-backed Sentry service, see Migrating from Sentry Policy Files to the Sentry Service.

Before you install or upgrade the Sentry service, see the Before You Install Sentry page to verify the prerequisites.

Adding the Sentry Service

Use one of the following sections to add/install the Sentry service:

Adding the Sentry Service Using Cloudera Manager

Minimum Required Role: Cluster Administrator (also provided by Full Administrator)

  1. On the Cloudera Manager home page, click the down arrow to the right of the cluster name and select Add a Service. The Add Service to Cluster wizard opens and displays a list of service types. You can add one service at a time.
  2. Select the Sentry service and click Continue.
  3. The next page in the wizard allows you to customize the role assignments for Sentry. The wizard evaluates the hardware configurations of the available hosts and selects the best hosts for each role.

    If you are happy with the preselected hosts, click Continue. Otherwise, you can change the host by clicking the hostname.

    When you click the hostname, a pop-up window appears with a list of hosts that you can choose from. You can search for a host or you can filter the list by entering a range of hosts in the Search field.

    You can search for hosts with the following information:

    • Range of hostnames. Use the following range definitions:
      Range Definition Matching Hosts
    • IP addresses
    • Rack name
  4. After you have selected the host, click OK to close the window. The hostname that you selected appears under the role.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. On the Database Setup page, configure the database settings.

    Enter the database host, database type, database name, username, and password for the database that you created when you set up the database. See the Creating Databases documentation for Sentry Server database requirements.

  7. Click Test Connection to confirm that Cloudera Manager can communicate with the database using the information you have supplied. If the test succeeds in all cases, click Continue. Otherwise check and correct the information you have provided for the database and then try the test again. (For some servers, if you are using the embedded database, you will see a message saying the database will be created at a later step in the installation process.) The Review Changes page displays.
  8. Click Continue then click Finish. You are returned to the Home page.
  9. Verify the new service is started properly by checking the health status for the new service. If the Health Status is Good, then the service started properly.
  10. To use the Sentry service, begin by enabling Hive, Impala, and Search for the service. See Sentry High Availability for information about enabling high availability for Sentry.

Upgrading the Sentry Service

If you have a cluster managed by Cloudera Manager, go to Upgrading the CDH Cluster and follow the instructions depending on the version of CDH you are upgrading to.