PARQUET_FALLBACK_SCHEMA_RESOLUTION Query Option (CDH 5.8 or higher only)

The PARQUET_FALLBACK_SCHEMA_RESOLUTION query option allows Impala to look up columns within Parquet files by column name, rather than column order, when necessary. The allowed values are:
  • POSITION (0)
  • NAME (1)

Usage notes:

By default, Impala looks up columns within a Parquet file based on the order of columns in the table. The name setting for this option enables behavior for Impala queries similar to the Hive setting parquet.column.index access=false. It also allows Impala to query Parquet files created by Hive with the parquet.column.index.access=false setting in effect.

Type: integer or string

Added in: CDH 5.8.0 / Impala 2.6.0

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