Issues Fixed in CDH 5.14.x

The following topics describe issues fixed in CDH 5.14.x, from newest to oldest release. You can also review What's New in CDH 5.14.x or Known Issues in CDH 5.

Issues Fixed in CDH 5.14.4

Hadoop YARN Privilege Escalation CVE-2016-6811

Fixed a vulnerability in Hadoop YARN that allows a user who can escalate to the yarn user the ability to possibly run arbitrary commands as the root user. CVE-2016-6811

Apache HBase potential privilege escalation for user of HBase “Thrift 1” API Server over HTTP CVE-2018-8025

CVE-2018-8025 describes an issue in Apache HBase that affects the optional "Thrift 1" API server when running over HTTP. There is a race-condition that could lead to authenticated sessions being incorrectly applied to users, e.g. one authenticated user would be considered a different user or an unauthenticated user would be treated as an authenticated user.

Products affected: HBase Thrift Server

Releases affected:
  • CDH 5.4.x - 5.12.x
  • CDH 5.13.0, 5.13.1, 5.13.2, 5.13.3
  • CDH 5.14.0, 5.14.2, 5.14.3
  • CDH 5.15.0

Fixed versions: CDH 5.14.4

Users affected: Users with the HBase Thrift 1 service role installed and configured to work in “thrift over HTTP” mode. For example, those using Hue with HBase impersonation enabled.

Severity: High

Potential privilege escalation.

CVE: CVE-2018-8025

Immediate action required: Upgrade to a CDH version with the fix, or, disable the HBase Thrift-over-HTTP service. Disabling the HBase Thrift-over-HTTP service will render Hue impersonation inoperable and all HBase access via Hue will be performed using the “hue” user instead of the authenticated user.

Knowledge article: For the latest update on this issue see the corresponding Knowledge article - TSB: 2018-315: Potential privilege escalation for user of HBase “Thrift 1” API Server over HTTP

Zip Slip Vulnerability CVE-2018-8009

“Zip Slip” is a widespread arbitrary file overwrite critical vulnerability, which typically results in remote command execution. It was discovered and responsibly disclosed by the Snyk Security team ahead of a public disclosure on June 5, 2018, and affects thousands of projects.

Cloudera has analyzed our use of zip-related software, and has determined that only Apache Hadoop is vulnerable to this class of vulnerability in CDH 5. This has been fixed in upstream Hadoop as CVE-2018-8009.

Apache HiveQL SELECT STRUCT fails with RuntimeException

The HiveQL query SELECT STRUCT("x",null); fails in CDH 5.10.0 onward and returns the following compilation error:

Error while compiling statement: FAILED: RuntimeException
java.lang.RuntimeException: Hive internal error: conversion of void to void not
supported yet.

This has been fixed in CDH 5.14.4 (CDH-67208) and later and now HiveQL queries like SELECT STRUCT("x",null); run successfully.

Apache Hive vulnerabilities CVE-2018-1282 and CVE-2018-1284

This security bulletin, TSB 2018-299, covers two vulnerabilities that have been addressed in CDH 5.14.4 and later:
  • CVE-2018-1282: JDBC driver is susceptible to SQL injection attack if the input parameters are not properly cleaned
  • CVE-2018-1284: Hive UDF series UDFXPathXXXX allows users to pass carefully crafted XML to access arbitrary files

For further details, see the original Known Issue for Hive.

Upstream Issues Fixed

The following upstream issues are fixed in CDH 5.14.4:

Apache Flume

  • FLUME-2786 - FLUME-3056 FLUME-3117 Application enters a deadlock when stopped while handleConfigurationEvent
  • FLUME-2894 - Flume components should stop in the correct order

Apache Hadoop

  • HADOOP-12886 - Exclude weak ciphers in SSLFactory through ssl-server.xml
  • HADOOP-13024 - Distcp with -delete feature on raw data not implemented
  • HADOOP-13972 - ADLS to support per-store configuration.
  • HADOOP-15186 - Allow Azure Data Lake SDK dependency version to be set on the command line.
  • HADOOP-15317 - Improve NetworkTopology chooseRandom's loop.
  • HADOOP-15342 - Update ADLS connector to use the current SDK version (2.2.7)
  • HADOOP-15356 - Make HTTP timeout configurable in ADLS connector
  • HADOOP-15466 - Correct units in adl.http.timeout.
  • HDFS-9229 - Expose size of NameNode directory as a metric
  • HDFS-10903 - Replace config key literal strings with config key names II: hadoop hdfs
  • HDFS-11993 - Add log info when connect to datanode socket address failed
  • HDFS-12832 - INode.getFullPathName may throw ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException lead to NameNode exit.
  • HDFS-13170 - Port webhdfs unmaskedpermission parameter to HTTPFS
  • HDFS-13314 - NameNode should optionally exit if it detects FsImage corruption
  • MAPREDUCE-7094 - LocalDistributedCacheManager leaves classloaders open, which leaks FDs
  • YARN-5121 - Fix some container-executor portability issues

Apache HBase

  • HBASE-15866 - Split hbase.rpc.timeout into *.read.timeout and *.write.timeout
  • HBASE-16201 - fix a NPE issue in RpcServer
  • HBASE-17944 - Removed unused JDK version parsing from ClassSize.
  • HBASE-20229 - ConnectionImplementation.locateRegions() returns duplicated entries when region replication is on
  • HBASE-20293 - get_splits returns duplicate split points when region replication is on
  • HBASE-20664 - Reduce the broad scope of outToken in ThriftHttpServlet

Apache Hive

Code Changes Might Be Required

No upstream fixed issues might require code changes for the CDH 5.14.4 release of Apache Hive.

Code Changes Should Not Be Required

The following fixes should not require code changes, but they contain improvements that might enhance your deployment:

  • HIVE-14792 - AvroSerde reads the remote schema-file at least once per mapper, per table reference.
  • HIVE-18788 - Clean up inputs in JDBC PreparedStatement
  • HIVE-18879 - Disallow embedded element in UDFXPathUtil needs to work if xercesImpl.jar in classpath
  • HIVE-19041 - Thrift deserialization of Partition objects should intern fields
  • HIVE-19424 - NPE In MetaDataFormatters
  • HIVE-19700 - Workaround for JLine issue with UnsupportedTerminal


  • HUE-7826 - [security] Uncaught TypeError: privilege.privilegeScope is not a function error when deleting a Solr privilege
  • HUE-7946 - [jb] Link to subworkflow on workflow dashboard page 404s in Hue 4
  • HUE-7946 - [jb] Link to subworkflow on workflow dashboard page 404s in Hue 4
  • HUE-7989 - [useradmin] Provide better UI message and message in logs when ldap server down
  • HUE-8063 - [fb] Better error message when HTTPFS is not working
  • HUE-8069 - [core] Pyformance reporter thread stops on exceptions in guage callbacks
  • HUE-8159 - [oozie] Unable to create Workflow/Schedule using Java document Action
  • HUE-8170 - [useradmin] Fix LDAP sync ( certificate validation logic
  • HUE-8173 - [core] Add a warning log when a users switched to the old Hue 3 UI
  • HUE-8173 - [core] Add a log line when a user loads a page not via the load balancer even if we have one
  • HUE-8191 - [jb] UnicodeEncodeError occurs in Job Browser when browser language is not English
  • HUE-8202 - [jb] Fix mutual authentication failed with Isilon
  • HUE-8207 - [indexer] Issue previewing input file with unicode data
  • HUE-8217 - [dashboard] Fix HTML resultset widget templating
  • HUE-8232 - [oozie] Fix 500 error if coordinator associated workflow has been deleted
  • HUE-8236 - [core] Correct Hue config value use integer instead of math expression
  • HUE-8274 - [s3] Moving a folder using drag and drop deletes the folder itself
  • HUE-8280 - [fb] Move action button does not prevent move to itself
  • HUE-8282 - [fb] Check if EC2 instance before check IAM metadata
  • HUE-8314 - [core] Fix SAML encryption missing config
  • HUE-8320 - [core] After copying a workflow using Hue 4 button, saving the copied workflow fails

Apache Impala

  • IMPALA-4315 - Users with the column-level privileges can run the USE and SHOW TABLES statements.
  • IMPALA-5270 - Impala now passes fully resolved sort expressions to prevent crashes with inline view and analytic functions.
  • IMPALA-6500 - Fixed an issue where Impala crashed under certain hypervisors that returned out-of-range CPU IDs.
  • IMPALA-6687 - The INSERT statements with mixed case partition column name no longer fails.
  • IMPALA-6822 - A new query option, SHUFFLE_DISTINCT_EXPRS, is available for disabling shuffling by distinct expressions.
  • IMPALA-6908 - The ECONNRESET error code handling was added to the IsConnReset function that checks if a given exception is due to a stale connection.
  • IMPALA-6934 - Correct results returns from the EXISTS subquery containing ORDER BY, LIMIT, and OFFSET
  • IMPALA-6954 - Fixed a problem with expression rewrites that caused losses of partitions with CTAS into Kudu.
  • IMPALA-7032 - Codegen for CHAR type null literals are disabled to prevent a crash.

Apache Kudu

  • KUDU-2331 - The `kudu tablet change_config move_replica` tool no longer fails for an unavailable tablet server if the tablet server is not the source or destination of the move.
  • Improved the speed of scans in cases where a large number of rows have previously been deleted from the table.

Apache Oozie

  • OOZIE-2491 - oozie acl cannot specify group,it does not work

Apache Sentry

  • SENTRY-1209 - Sentry does not block Hive's cross-schema table renames
  • SENTRY-2144 - Table Rename Cross Database should update permission correctly.
  • SENTRY-2165 - NotificationProcesser process notification methods have logs wrongly flagged as ERROR
  • SENTRY-2183 - Increase default sentry-hdfs rpc timeout to 20 mins
  • SENTRY-2184 - Performance Issue: MPath is queried for each MAuthzPathsMapping in full snapshot
  • SENTRY-2194 - Upgrade Sentry hadoop-version dependency to 2.7.5
  • SENTRY-2226 - CDH5Support Hive operation ALTER TABLE EXCHANGE.

Apache Solr

  • SOLR-12293 - Updates need to use their own connection pool to maintain connection reuse and prevent spurious recoveries.

Apache Spark

  • SPARK-12504 - [SQL] Masking credentials in the sql plan explain output for JDBC data sources.
  • SPARK-12652 - [PYSPARK] Upgrade Py4J to 0.9.1
  • SPARK-13709 - [SQL] Initialize deserializer with both table and partition properties when reading partitioned tables
  • SPARK-13807 - De-duplicate `Python*Helper` instantiation code in PySpark streaming
  • SPARK-13848 - [SPARK-5185] Update to Py4J 0.9.2 in order to fix classloading issue
  • SPARK-15061 - [PYSPARK] Upgrade to Py4J 0.10.1
  • SPARK-16781 - [PYSPARK] java launched by PySpark as gateway may not be the same java used in the spark environment
  • SPARK-17960 - [PYSPARK][UPGRADE TO PY4J 0.10.4]
  • SPARK-20862 - [MLLIB][PYTHON] Avoid passing float to ndarray.reshape in LogisticRegressionModel
  • SPARK-21278 - [PYSPARK] Upgrade to Py4J 0.10.6
  • SPARK-23660 - Fix exception in yarn cluster mode when application ended fast

Apache Sqoop

  • SQOOP-2567 - SQOOP import for Oracle fails with invalid precision/scale for decimal
  • SQOOP-3082 - Sqoop import fails after TCP connection reset if split by datetime column

Issues Fixed in CDH 5.14.3

There are no fixed issues in CDH 5.14.3. This release only contained fixed issues for Cloudera Manager. For more information, see Issues Fixed in Cloudera Manager 5.14.3.

Issues Fixed in CDH 5.14.2

Missing results in Hive, Spark, Pig, Custom MapReduce jobs, and other Java applications when filtering Parquet data written by Impala

This issue, which was also reported in TSB-2018-300, is fixed in CDH 5.14.2 and higher. For further details, see the original Known Issue for Hive, Known Issue for Spark, Known Issue for Pig, or the Known Issue for MapReduce.

Apache Oozie Server Vulnerability CVE-2017-15712

A vulnerability in the Oozie Server allows a cluster user to read private files owned by the user running the Oozie Server process.

Products affected: Oozie

Releases affected: All releases prior to CDH 5.12.0, CDH 5.12.0, CDH 5.12.1, CDH 5.12.2, CDH 5.13.0, CDH 5.13.1, CDH 5.14.0

Users affected: Users running the Oozie Server

Date/time of detection: November 13, 2017

Detected by: Daryn Sharp and Jason Lowe of Oath (formerly Yahoo! Inc)

Severity: (Low/Medium/High) High

Impact: The vulnerability allows a cluster user to read private files owned by the user running the Oozie Server process. The malicious user can construct a workflow XML file containing XML directives and configuration that reference sensitive files on the Oozie server host.

CVE: CVE-2017-15712

Immediate action required: Upgrade to release where the issue is fixed.

Addressed in release/refresh/patch: CDH 5.13.2, 5.14.2

Apache Hadoop MapReduce Job History Server (JHS) vulnerability CVE-2017-15713

A vulnerability in Hadoop’s Job History Server allows a cluster user to expose private files owned by the user running the MapReduce Job History Server (JHS) process. See for reference.

Products affected: Apache Hadoop MapReduce

Releases affected: All releases prior to CDH 5.12.0. CDH 5.12.0, CDH 5.12.1, CDH 5.12.2, CDH 5.13.0, CDH 5.13.1, CDH 5.14.0

Users affected: Users running the MapReduce Job History Server (JHS) daemon

Date/time of detection: November 8, 2017

Detected by: Man Yue Mo of

Severity (Low/Medium/High): High

Impact: The vulnerability allows a cluster user to expose private files owned by the user running the MapReduce Job History Server (JHS) process. The malicious user can construct a configuration file containing XML directives that reference sensitive files on the MapReduce Job History Server (JHS) host.

CVE: CVE-2017-15713

Immediate action required: Upgrade to a release where the issue is fixed.

Addressed in release/refresh/patch: CDH 5.13.2, 5.14.2, 5.15.0

Slow or stalled queries under highly concurrent write workloads when Sentry + Hive are used, caused by a Hive metastore deadlock

This issue, which was also reported in TSB-2018-294, is fixed in CDH 5.14.2. For further details, see the original Known Issue.

Crash due to CHECK failure during compactions: pv_delete_redo != nullptr

This issue, which was also reported in TSB-2018-298, is fixed in CDH 5.13.3 and 5.14.2. For further details, see the original Known Issue.

Secure Impala-Kudu clusters need to be restarted frequently

Due to Kudu-2264, secure, long-running Impala clusters on CDH 5.13.x and later will be unable to interact with Kudu tables after some time because the Kudu client used by Impala will no longer be able to authenticate with Kudu. The problem starts after the client's ticket can no longer be renewed, which is typically after 7 days. Restarting the Impala service will allow Impala to work with Kudu again.

Impala will begin failing to read or write Kudu tables with errors in the Impala daemon logs resembling:
W1121 22:47:47.231425 50416] Error receiving response from
Java exception follows:
org.apache.kudu.client.NonRecoverableException: Server requires Kerberos, but this client is not
authenticated (kinit)

at org.apache.kudu.client.Negotiator.evaluateChallenge(
at org.apache.kudu.client.Negotiator.sendSaslInitiate(
at org.apache.kudu.client.Negotiator.startAuthentication(
at org.apache.kudu.client.Negotiator.handleTlsMessage(
at org.apache.kudu.client.Negotiator.handleResponse(
at org.apache.kudu.client.Negotiator.messageReceived(
at ...
Caused by: GSS initiate failed [Caused by GSSException: No valid credentials provided (Mechanism level: Failed to find any Kerberos tgt)]

at org.apache.kudu.client.Negotiator$
at org.apache.kudu.client.Negotiator$
at Method)
at org.apache.kudu.client.Negotiator.evaluateChallenge(
... 35 more

Caused by: GSSException: No valid credentials provided (Mechanism level: Failed to find any
Kerberos tgt)

... 40 more
Alternatively, errors may be seen like the following:
I0102 11:58:36.688992 3587] 
org.apache.impala.common.ImpalaRuntimeException: Unable to initialize the Kudu scan node

at org.apache.impala.planner.KuduScanNode.init(
at org.apache.impala.planner.SingleNodePlanner.createScanNode(
at org.apache.impala.planner.SingleNodePlanner.createTableRefNode(
at org.apache.impala.planner.SingleNodePlanner.createTableRefsPlan(
at org.apache.impala.planner.SingleNodePlanner.createSelectPlan(
at org.apache.impala.planner.SingleNodePlanner.createQueryPlan(
at org.apache.impala.planner.SingleNodePlanner.createSingleNodePlan(
at org.apache.impala.planner.Planner.createPlan(
at org.apache.impala.service.Frontend.createExecRequest(
at org.apache.impala.service.Frontend.createExecRequest(
at org.apache.impala.service.JniFrontend.createExecRequest(

Caused by: org.apache.kudu.client.NonRecoverableException: cannot re-acquire authentication
token after 5 attempts

at org.apache.kudu.client.AuthnTokenReacquirer$1NewAuthnTokenErrB.failQueuedRpcs(
at org.apache.kudu.client.AuthnTokenReacquirer$
at org.apache.kudu.client.AuthnTokenReacquirer$
at com.stumbleupon.async.Deferred.doCall(
at com.stumbleupon.async.Deferred.runCallbacks(
at com.stumbleupon.async.Deferred.callback(
at org.apache.kudu.client.ConnectToCluster.incrementCountAndCheckExhausted(
at org.apache.kudu.client.ConnectToCluster.access$000(
at org.apache.kudu.client.ConnectToCluster$
at org.apache.kudu.client.ConnectToCluster$
at com.stumbleupon.async.Deferred.doCall(
at com.stumbleupon.async.Deferred.runCallbacks(
at com.stumbleupon.async.Deferred.handleContinuation(

Products Affected: Impala

Releases Affected: CDH 5.13.0, CDH 5.13.1, and CDH 5.14.0

Users Affected: Users running a secure cluster with Impala and Kudu.

Severity: Medium

Impact: Impala will not be able to query or write to Kudu tables until the service is restarted. The Impala service will need to be restarted periodically in order to continue being able to work with Kudu tables.

Immediate action required: To work around the issue, users can restart the Impala service at least once per ticket renewal period. This period is typically 7 days.

Addressed in release: CDH 5.13.2, CDH 5.13.3, and CDH 5.14.2

Upstream Issues Fixed

The following upstream issues are fixed in CDH 5.14.2:

  • HADOOP-6852 - apparent bug in concatenated-bzip2 support (decoding)
  • HADOOP-14872 - CryptoInputStream should implement unbuffer
  • HADOOP-15012 - Add readahead, dropbehind, and unbuffer to StreamCapabilities
  • HADOOP-15143 - NPE due to Invalid KerberosTicket in UGI
  • HDFS-4185 - Add a metric for number of active leases
  • HDFS-6054 - MiniQJMHACluster should not use static port to avoid binding failure in unit test.
  • HDFS-11644 - Support for querying outputstream capabilities
  • HDFS-12251 - Add document for StreamCapabilities.
  • HDFS-12386 - Add fsserver defaults call to WebhdfsFileSystem.
  • HDFS-12528 - Added a configuration dfs.domain.socket.disable.interval.seconds to change the interval that disables short-circuit reads on failures.
  • HDFS-12985 - NameNode crashes during restart after an OpenForWrite file present in the Snapshot got deleted.
  • HDFS-13040 - Kerberized inotify client fails despite kinit properly
  • HDFS-13115 - In getNumUnderConstructionBlocks(), ignore the inodeIds for which the inodes have been deleted
  • HDFS-13164 - File not closed if streamer fail with DSQuotaExceededException.
  • MAPREDUCE-7015 - Possible race condition in JHS if the job is not loaded
  • MAPREDUCE-7020 - Task timeout in uber mode can crash AM
  • MAPREDUCE-7048 - Uber AM can crash due to unknown task in statusUpdate
  • MAPREDUCE-7053 - Timed out tasks can fail to produce thread dump
  • YARN-2416 - InvalidStateTransitonException in ResourceManager if AMLauncher does not receive response for startContainers() call in time
  • YARN-3760 - FSDataOutputStream leak in AggregatedLogFormat.LogWriter.close()
  • YARN-4813 - TestRMWebServicesDelegationTokenAuthentication.testDoAs fails intermittently
  • YARN-6288 - Exceptions during aggregated log writes are mishandled
  • YARN-7083 - Log aggregation deletes/renames while file is open
  • YARN-7363 - ContainerLocalizer don't have a valid log4j config in case of Linux container executor.
  • YARN-7590 - Improve container-executor validation check
  • YARN-7622 - Allow fair-scheduler configuration on HDFS
  • YARN-7705 - Create the container log directory with correct sticky bit in C code
  • YARN-7758 - Add an additional check to the validity of container and application ids passed to container-executor
  • HBASE-14252 - RegionServers fail to start when setting hbase.ipc.server.callqueue.scan.ratio to 0
  • HBASE-16980 - TestRowProcessorEndpoint failing consistently
  • HBASE-17924 - Consider sorting the row order when processing multi() ops before taking rowlocks
  • HBASE-18625 - Splitting of region with replica, doesn't update region list in serverHolding. A server crash leads to overlap.
  • HBASE-19163 - "Maximum lock count exceeded" from region server's batch processing
  • HBASE-19364 - Truncate_preserve fails with table when replica region > 1
  • HBASE-19391 - Calling HRegion#initializeRegionInternals from a region replica can still re-create a region directory
  • HBASE-19553 - Old replica regions should be cleared from AM memory after primary region split or merge
  • HBASE-19728 - Add lock to filesCompacting in all place.
  • HBASE-19934 - HBaseSnapshotException when read replicas is enabled and online snapshot is taken after region splitting
  • HBASE-20061 - HStore synchronized member variable filesCompacting should be private
  • HIVE-11569 - Use PreOrderOnceWalker where feasible
  • HIVE-11609 - Capability to add a filter to hbase scan via composite key doesn't work
  • HIVE-14792 - AvroSerde reads the remote schema-file at least once per mapper, per table reference.
  • HIVE-15859 - HoS: Write RPC messages in event loop
  • HIVE-17624 - MapredLocalTask running in separate JVM could throw ClassNotFoundException
  • HIVE-18127 - Do not strip '--' comments from shell commands issued from CliDriver
  • HIVE-16886 - Hive metastore (HMS) log notifications may have duplicated event IDs if multiple HMSs are running concurrently
  • HIVE-18671 - Lock not released after Hive on Spark query was cancelled
  • HIVE-18917 - Add spark.home to hive.conf.restricted.list
  • HUE-7646 - [sentry] Changing role privileges removes HDFS ACLs
  • HUE-7755 - [oozie] Adding Distcp arguments and properties
  • HUE-7779 - [jb] Add job type in the API calls
  • HUE-7783 - [editor] Add log toggling functionality to the presentation mode
  • HUE-7784 - [dashboard] Fix JS error on right assist filtering
  • HUE-7790 - [assist] Silence all API errors in the right assistant
  • HUE-7794 - [fb] Modify/upload file failed if S3 bucket encryption is SSE-KMS
  • HUE-7802 - [dashboard] Protect against missing function in old dashboards
  • HUE-7806 - [core] Show all the users "Switch to Hue 4" option
  • HUE-7812 - [core] Metrics and Threads page don't get refreshed Step#1
  • HUE-7813 - [useradmin] Add login dropdown when there is only one item
  • HUE-7822 - [core] Unable to clone oozie workflow in Hue 4.0
  • HUE-7830 - [core] Non supported feature use_default_configuration doesn't work in Hue 4
  • HUE-7837 - [presentation] Toggle hiding/showing the code snippets should also hide the log panels
  • HUE-7842 - [dashboard] Avoid extra search call when dropping a new facet in a new row
  • HUE-7844 - [editor] Fix rendering of barcharts when the first value is missing
  • HUE-7850 - [editor] Presentation mode will fail if past queries are expired
  • HUE-7854 - [core] Update translations files for 4.2
  • HUE-7855 - [editor] Fixed JS error on subscription removal
  • HUE-7855 - [editor] Disable the editor auto-resize when running a saved query
  • HUE-7861 - [jb] Handle Impala query timeout
  • HUE-7874 - [oozie] SSH action missing configuration for retry-max and retry-interval
  • HUE-7898 - [editor] Impala query expiration shows update max_row_size help
  • HUE-7909 - [editor] Hide options in session settings
  • HUE-7916 - [frontend] Avoid breaking of scatterplot chart for some grouping values
  • HUE-7920 - [frontend] The stacked graph shouldn't have empty areas in the stacks
  • HUE-7927 - [metastore] Sample view on the main table page should have an horizontal scrollbar
  • HUE-7929 - [indexes] Field list table on the index page should have an horizontal scrollbar
  • HUE-7932 - [oozie] Clicking on workflow with several decision nodes hangs Hue
  • HUE-7934 - [importer] Unselecting has Header checkbox has no effect
  • HUE-7974 - [metastore] Open Database location opens in Hue 3
  • HUE-7992 - [oozie] Big workflows show horizontally scroll in Hue 4
  • HUE-7997 - [backend] Python LDAP library exposes password
  • HUE-8009 - [useradmin] Fix login page error for invalid local user when LDAP also enabled
  • HUE-8024 - [indexer] Use old collection API to avoid grant Update privilege
  • HUE-8025 - [metadata] Do not show the deleted databasess/tables in the search
  • HUE-8032 - [core] XSS in Hue Admin Interface
  • HUE-8036 - [presentation] Protect from storm of API calls when loading back a query with presentation
  • HUE-8053 - [useradmin] LDAP authentication with sync_groups_on_login=true fails with KeyError exception
  • HUE-8055 - [desktop] Support multiple LDAP servers in LDAP Test command
  • IMPALA-3942 - Fixed incorrectly escaped string literal in front-end.
  • IMPALA-4664 - Fixed an unexpected string conversion in Shell.
  • IMPALA-5139 - Updated to print execution content to log file.
  • IMPALA-5269 - Fix the issue with final line of query followed by a comment.
  • IMPALA-5936 - The '%' operator no longer overflows on large decimals.
  • IMPALA-5940 - Impala no longer shows stack tracing with Status::Expected().
  • IMPALA-6008 - Creating a UDF from a shared library with a .ll extension does not crash Impala.
  • IMPALA-6114 - Require type equality for NumericLiteral::localEquals().
  • IMPALA-6284 - Mark the intermediate decimal avg struct as packed.
  • IMPALA-6295 - Fix mix/max handling of 'nan' and 'inf'.
  • IMPALA-6307 - CTAS statement fails with duplicate column exception.
  • IMPALA-6348 - Redact only sensitive fields in runtime profiles.
  • IMPALA-6353 - Impala no longer crashes in snappy decompressor.
  • IMPALA-6384 - RequestPoolService should honor custom group mapping config.
  • IMPALA-6388 - Fix the Union node number of hosts estimation
  • IMPALA-6418 - Find a reliable way to detect supported TLS versions.
  • IMPALA-6435 - Disabled codegen for CHAR literals.
  • IMPALA-6454 - CTAS into Kudu fails with mixed-case partition or primary key column names.
  • IMPALA-6473 - An analytic sorts with the same expression in PARTITION BY and ORDER BY does not return an error.
  • IMPALA-6489 - Impala now uses the correct template tuple size.
  • IMPALA-6530 - Impala now tracks time spent opening HDFS file handles.
  • IMPALA-6538 - Fixed read path when Parquet min/max statistics contain NaN.
  • IMPALA-6542 - Fixed inconsistent write path of Parquet min/max statistics.
  • IMPALA-6570 - Support KUDU on SLES12.
  • IMPALA-6577 - Avoid slow Status constructor on expiration thread.
  • KUDU-1613 - Fixed an issue where a reformatted server could prevent re-replication of the replicas it previously hosted.
  • KUDU-2238 - Fixed an issue where large updates were not flushed to disk under memory pressure.
  • KUDU-2251 - Fixed a crash due to an overflow bug that could occur when a tablet was updated very frequently.
  • KUDU-2274 - Fixed an issue where copying over a tombstoned replica could produce a replica in an inconsistent state.
  • KUDU-2343 - Fixed an issue where the Java client would fail to connect to the leader master after a leadership change.
  • OOZIE-1401 - amend PurgeCommand should purge the workflow jobs w/o end_time
  • OOZIE-2045 - Oozie can detect symlink changes and reload the sharelib
  • OOZIE-2536 - Hadoop's cleanup of local directory in uber mode causing failures
  • PARQUET-1133 - Add int96 support by returning bytearray, Skip originalType comparison for map types when originalType is null
  • PARQUET-1217 - Incorrect handling of missing values in Statistics
  • PIG-5325 - Schema disambiguation can't be turned off for nested schemas
  • SENTRY-1459 - Alter view with HMS Client fails with "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Can not create a Path from a null string"
  • SENTRY-1951 - Old SentryStore.retrieveFullPathsImage() should be removed
  • SENTRY-2019 - Improve logging in SentryPlugin
  • SENTRY-2040 - When getting Snapshots from HMS we need more logging around cases when a snapshot is not being received
  • SENTRY-2066 - DB name is not set for AlterTable
  • SENTRY-2068 - Disable HTTP TRACE method from the Sentry Web Server
  • SENTRY-2078 - Have sentry server print an obvious INFO level log message when it becomes the writer
  • SENTRY-2120 - cross-site scripting vulnerability in LogLevelServlet
  • SENTRY-2124 - LeaderStatusMonitor.toString() throws IllegalFormatConversionException with AtomicLong
  • SOLR-11873 - HA cases fixed when NameNode fails over. Solr will remain green in CM and will remain fast due to remembering the last known good NameNode.
  • SPARK-16845 - [SQL][BRANCH-1.6] GeneratedClass$SpecificOrdering` grows beyond 64 KB
  • SPARK-21551 - [PYTHON] Increase timeout for PythonRDD.serveIterator
  • SPARK-23438 - [DSTREAMS] Fix DStreams data loss with WAL when driver crashes
  • SQOOP-2976 - Introduce a flag to expand decimal values to fit AVRO schema
  • SQOOP-3233 - Fixed error in HCatalog imports that occurred when the target column type was either CHAR or VARCHAR and the source column was a number (decimal or int)
  • SQOOP-3241 - From now on, the ImportAllTables tool will use a clone SqoopOptions object for every import instead of using the same. This fix also includes tests to ensure that cloning works correctly
  • ZOOKEEPER-1872 - QuorumPeer is not shutdown in few cases
  • ZOOKEEPER-2249 - CRC check failed when preAllocSize smaller than node data

Issues Fixed in CDH 5.14.1

CDH 5.14.1 fixes the following issue:

Hive Replications Can Fail Intermittently

This issue, which was also reported in TSB-2018-276, is fixed in CDH 5.14.1. For further details, see the original Known Issue.

Issues Fixed in CDH 5.14.0

CDH 5.14.0 fixes the following issues.


Hue operations randomly fail and display a 502 error

Hue operations randomly fail.

Affected versions: CDH 5.12.x, 5.13.0

Workaround: Make configuration changes to the Hue Load Balancer:
  1. Find the Hue Load Balancer host by selecting Host > All Host and search for "Hue Load Balancer"
  2. Navigate to the following directory on the Hue Load Balancer host: /usr/share/cmf/hue/httpd/.
  3. Edit the httpd.conf file and add the following property after the ProxyPass property: SetEnv proxy-intial-not-pooled 1.
  4. Inside the <IfDefine Cloudera_HTTPD_USE_SSL> block under the SSLProtocol property line, add the following properties:
    SSLPRoxyProtocol all -SSLv2 -SSLv3

Cloudera Bug: CDH-57588

Upstream Issues Fixed

The following upstream issues are fixed in CDH 5.14.0:

  • FLUME-2579 - Support durable subscription in JMSSource
  • FLUME-3046 - Kafka Sink and Source Configuration Improvements
  • FLUME-3100 - Support arbitrary header substitution for topic of Kafka Sink
  • FLUME-3158 - Upgrade surefire version and config
  • FLUME-3195 - Split the KafkaChannelTest to avoid timeouts
  • FLUME-3201 - Fix SyslogUtil to handle RFC3164 format in December correctly
  • HADOOP-10829 - Iteration on CredentialProviderFactory.serviceLoader is thread-unsafe
  • HADOOP-12717 - NPE when trying to rename a directory in Windows Azure Storage FileSystem
  • HADOOP-12903 - IPC Server should allow suppressing exception logging by type, not log 'server too busy' messages.
  • HADOOP-14475 - Metrics of S3A don't print out when enabled
  • HADOOP-14687 - AuthenticatedURL will reuse bad/expired session cookies
  • HADOOP-14814 - Fix incompatible API change on FsServerDefaults to HADOOP-14104
  • HADOOP-14864 - FSDataInputStream#unbuffer UOE should include stream class name
  • HADOOP-14880 - [KMS] Document&test missing KMS client side configs
  • HADOOP-14891 - Remove references to Guava Objects.toStringHelper
  • HADOOP-14892 - MetricsSystemImpl should use Time.monotonicNow for measuring durations
  • HADOOP-14919 - BZip2 drops records when reading data in splits
  • HADOOP-14944 - Add JvmMetrics to KMS.
  • HADOOP-14948 - Document missing config key hadoop.treat.subject.external
  • HADOOP-14960 - Add GC time percentage monitor/alerter
  • HADOOP-15023 - ValueQueue should also validate (int) (lowWatermark * numValues) > 0 on construction.
  • HADOOP-15067 - GC time percentage reported in JvmMetrics should be a gauge, not counter
  • HDFS-9941 - Do not log StandbyException on NN, other minor logging fixes
  • HDFS-10326 - Disable setting tcp socket send/receive buffers for write pipelines
  • HDFS-10984 - Expose nntop output as metrics
  • HDFS-11659 - TestDataNodeHotSwapVolumes.testRemoveVolumeBeingWritten fail due to no DataNode available for pipeline recovery
  • HDFS-11799 - Introduce a config to allow setting up write pipeline with fewer nodes than replication factor
  • HDFS-11896 - Non-dfsUsed will be doubled on dead node re-registration
  • HDFS-12052 - Set SWEBHDFS delegation token kind when ssl is enabled in HttpFS
  • HDFS-12143 - Improve performance of getting and removing inode features
  • HDFS-12171 - Reduce IIP object allocations for inode lookup
  • HDFS-12177 - NameNode exits due to setting BlockPlacementPolicy loglevel to Debug
  • HDFS-12319 - DirectoryScanner will throw IllegalStateException when Multiple BP's are present
  • HDFS-12371 - BlockVerificationFailures and BlocksVerified show up as 0 in Datanode JMX
  • HDFS-12485 - expunge may fail to remove trash from encryption zone
  • HDFS-12495 - TestPendingInvalidateBlock#testPendingDeleteUnknownBlocks fails intermittently
  • HDFS-12544 - SnapshotDiff - support diff generation on any snapshot root descendant directory.
  • HDFS-12578 - TestDeadDatanode#testNonDFSUsedONDeadNodeReReg failing in branch-2.7
  • HDFS-12603 - Enable async edit logging by default
  • HDFS-12754 - Lease renewal can hit a deadlock
  • MAPREDUCE-5124 - AM lacks flow control for task events
  • MAPREDUCE-6797 - Job history server scans can become blocked on a single, slow entry
  • MAPREDUCE-7028 - Concurrent task progress updates causing NPE in Application Master
  • YARN-2162 - Add ability in Fair Scheduler to optionally configure maxResources in terms of percentage.
  • YARN-7049 - FSAppAttempt preemption related fields have confusing names.
  • YARN-7057 - FSAppAttempt#getResourceUsage doesn't need to consider resources queued for preemption.
  • YARN-7363 - Revert "ContainerLocalizer don't have a valid log4j config in case of Linux container executor. (Contributed by Yufei Gu)"
  • YARN-7363 - ContainerLocalizer don't have a valid log4j config in case of Linux container executor.
  • HBASE-5291 - Add Kerberos HTTP SPNEGO authentication support to HBase web consoles
  • HBASE-15354 - Use same criteria for clearing meta cache for all operations
  • HBASE-15714 - We are calling checkRow() twice in doMiniBatchMutation()
  • HBASE-17424 - Disable external entity parsing in RemoteAdmin
  • HBASE-17590 - Drop cache hint should work on store file write path
  • HBASE-17658 - Fix bookkeeping error with max regions for a table
  • HBASE-18125 - shell disregards spaces at the end of a split key in a split file
  • HBASE-18141 - Regionserver fails to shutdown when abort triggered during RPC call
  • HBASE-18142 - Deletion of a cell deletes the previous versions too
  • HBASE-18233 - 'We shouldn't wait for readlock in doMiniBatchMutation in case of deadlock'
  • HBASE-18471 - The DeleteFamily cell is skipped when StoreScanner seeks to next column
  • HBASE-18480 - The cost of BaseLoadBalancer.cluster is changed even if the rollback is done
  • HBASE-18572 - Delete can't remove the cells which have no visibility label
  • HBASE-18665 - ReversedScannerCallable invokes getRegionLocations incorrectly
  • HBASE-18675 - Making {max,min}SessionTimeout configurable for MiniZooKeeperCluster
  • HBASE-18743 - HFiles in use by a table which has the same name and namespace with a default table cloned from snapshot may be deleted when that snapshot and default table are deleted
  • HBASE-18757 - Fix improper bitwise & in bucketcache offset calculation
  • HBASE-18847 - Remove unneeded synchronized block from HFileWriterV2 warning in branch-1.2
  • HBASE-18890 - Backport HBASE-14499 (Master coprocessors shutdown will not happen on master abort) to branch-1
  • HBASE-18907 - Methods missing rpc timeout parameter in HTable
  • HBASE-18924 - Backport HBASE-18568 (Correct metric of numRegions) to branch-1.2 and branch-1.3
  • HBASE-18998 - processor.getRowsToLock() always assumes there is some row being locked
  • HBASE-19215 - Incorrect exception handling on the client causes incorrect call timeouts and byte buffer allocations on the server
  • HIVE-9447 - Metastore: inefficient Oracle query for removing unused column descriptors when add/drop table/partition
  • HIVE-10807 - Invalidate basic stats for insert queries if autogather=false
  • HIVE-12828 - Update Spark version to 1.6
  • HIVE-14170 - Beeline IncrementalRows should buffer rows and incrementally re-calculate width if TableOutputFormat is used
  • HIVE-14303 - CommonJoinOperator.checkAndGenObject should return directly to avoid NPE if ExecReducer.close is called twice.
  • HIVE-15166 - Provide beeline option to set the jline history max size
  • HIVE-15519 - BitSet not computed properly for ColumnBuffer subset
  • HIVE-16007 - When the query does not compile, LogRunnable never stops
  • HIVE-16708 - Exception thrown while renewing a Delegation Token
  • HIVE-16854 - SparkClientFactory is locked too aggressively
  • HIVE-17022 - Add mode in lock debug statements
  • HIVE-17157 - Add InterfaceAudience and InterfaceStability annotations for ObjectInspector APIs
  • HIVE-17192 - Add InterfaceAudience and InterfaceStability annotations for Stats Collection APIs
  • HIVE-17202 - Add InterfaceAudience and InterfaceStability annotations for HMS Listener APIs
  • HIVE-17203 - Add InterfaceAudience and InterfaceStability annotations for HCat APIs
  • HIVE-17362 - The MAX_PREWARM_TIME should be configurable on HoS
  • HIVE-17640 - Comparison of date return null if time part is provided in string
  • HIVE-17743 - Add InterfaceAudience and InterfaceStability annotations for Thrift generated APIs
  • HIVE-17969 - Metastore to alter table in batches of partitions when renaming table
  • HIVE-18009 - Multiple lateral view query is slow on hive on spark
  • HIVE-18228 - Azure credential properties should be added to the HiveConf hidden list
  • HIVE-18248 - Clean up parameters that need not change at run time
  • HUE-2173 - [dashboard] Convert timeline widget to th nested facets
  • HUE-2173 - [dashboard] Only add term prefix when it is not empty
  • HUE-2173 - [dashboard] Allow min and max metrics for date types
  • HUE-2173 - [dashboard] Show sorting and facet limit when it makes sense
  • HUE-2173 - [dashboard] Port the range & up next text facet
  • HUE-2173 - [search] Avoid breaking search bar layout on normal resolutions
  • HUE-2173 - [dashboard] Port timeline to the nested facets
  • HUE-2173 - [dashboard] Do not error on sorting on text facets
  • HUE-2173 - [dashboard] Port the gradient map to the nested faceting
  • HUE-2173 - [dashboard] Longer search bar when analytics is supported
  • HUE-2173 - [dashboard] Reformat some part of the code
  • HUE-2173 - [dashboard] Port timeline and gradient map widgets to recursive nested facets
  • HUE-2173 - [dashboard] Pass to clean-up recursive facets template
  • HUE-2173 - [dashboard] Do not show sorting option on hit widget
  • HUE-2173 - [dashboard] Disable removing the last nested facet of a widget
  • HUE-2173 - [dashboard] Add observable subscribes to newly added facets
  • HUE-2173 - [dashboard] Hit widget compatibility with recursive facets
  • HUE-2173 - [dashboard] First pass of backend to support recursive facets
  • HUE-2173 - [dashboard] Refactor model to support N dimensions: UI part
  • HUE-2173 - [search] Harmonize indexer to use simpler field types
  • HUE-2173 - [dashboard] Support new facets in old dashboards
  • HUE-2173 - [dashboard] Mini skeleton for static dashboard
  • HUE-2173 - [search] Protect against empty nested facet buckets when nothing matches
  • HUE-2451 - [dashboard] Use SQL autocomplete for the query input
  • HUE-2451 - [dashboard] Perform search on enter in the query editor
  • HUE-2451 - [dashboard] Make top terms limit parameterizable
  • HUE-2451 - [dashboard] Round the left border of the query input
  • HUE-2451 - [dashboard] Don't use the Solr query autocomplete when engines other than Solr are used
  • HUE-2451 - [dashboard] Use prefix when fetching terms for value autocomplete
  • HUE-2451 - [dashboard] Use the terms API instead of samples when suggesting values in the query autocomplete
  • HUE-2451 - [dashboard] Enable placeholder for the simple ace editor component
  • HUE-2451 - [dashboard] Suggest fields, sample values and keywords in the query input
  • HUE-2451 - [dashboard] Use the simple Ace editor as the query input in the search bar
  • HUE-2451 - [dashboard] Use flex layout for the top search bar to adjust the width of the query input automatically
  • HUE-2451 - [dashboard] Don't handle partial values in the query parser
  • HUE-2451 - [dashboard] Add query autocomplete of keyword matching, values and boolean expressions
  • HUE-2451 - [dashboard] Initial generation setup of Solr query parser
  • HUE-2451 - [dashboard] Rename the Solr expression parser to Solr formula parser
  • HUE-2451 - [core] Split parser generation in the makefile
  • HUE-3277 - [assist] Use the same viewmodel for HDFS, S3 and ADLS entries
  • HUE-5480 - [autocomplete] Suggest S3 and ADLS paths in the autocompleter
  • HUE-5568 - [editor] Grid result not correctly aligned when browser zoom is not 100%
  • HUE-6106 - [autocomplete] Add / as an initial suggestion for empty file paths
  • HUE-6129 - [metastore] Show actual sample API errors in the panel instead of generic message
  • HUE-6159 - [autocomplete] Don't mark column alias references as columns belonging to a table
  • HUE-6169 - [editor] More obvious query log access when there is no "No error message"
  • HUE-6238 - [useradmin] ConcurrentUserSessionMiddleware - missing user
  • HUE-6238 - [useradmin] Option to disable concurrent user sessions
  • HUE-6256 - Revert "[presentation] Turn off the feature flag by default"
  • HUE-6555 - [editor] Remove the refresh button of the Saved Query tabs
  • HUE-6555 - [editor] Avoid listing only a newly saved query in the Saved Queries tab
  • HUE-6650 - [autocomplete] Merge popular group and order by column suggestions with existing column suggetions
  • HUE-6688 - [autocomplete] Switch to foreachVisible for the autocomplete results
  • HUE-6688 - [autocomplete] Make sure all running ajax requests are cancelled when closing the autocomplete
  • HUE-6784 - [oozie] Disable editor access also disable the browser
  • HUE-6799 - [editor] Use the last cursor position when opening from the query history
  • HUE-6799 - [editor] Save the cursor position with the snippet
  • HUE-6835 - [autocomplete] Update Impala built-in UDFs
  • HUE-6875 - [home] Introduce top header like all the other apps
  • HUE-6958 - [autocomplete] Fix issue with autocomplete after Hive GROUPING SETS
  • HUE-6958 - [autocomplete] Improve autocomplete of Hive windowing statements
  • HUE-6958 - [autocomplete] Add autocomplete for Hive MERGE statements
  • HUE-6958 - [autocomplete] Update the Hive TABLESAMPLE autocomplete
  • HUE-6958 - [autocomplete] Add INNER JOIN to the Hive suggestions
  • HUE-6958 - [autocomplete] Update autocompleter for the Hive LIMIT clause
  • HUE-6958 - [autocomplete] Add support for Hive ABORT statement
  • HUE-6958 - [autocomplete] Improve Hive SHOW TBLPROPERTIES
  • HUE-6958 - [autocomplete] Add autocomplete support for Hive SHOW VIEWS statements
  • HUE-6958 - [autocomplete] Add autocomplete support for Hive DROP TEMPORARY FUNCTION statements
  • HUE-6958 - [autocomplete] Update autocomplete for Hive ALTER TABLE statements
  • HUE-6958 - [autocomplete] Update the Hive reserved keyword lists
  • HUE-6958 - [autocomplete] Update autocomplete for Hive CREATE TABLE statements
  • HUE-6958 - [autocomplete] Add the DOUBLE PRECISION data type to Hive
  • HUE-6958 - [autocomplete] Add support for Hive ALTER DATABASE statements
  • HUE-6998 - [frontend] Improve configurability of Leaflet maps
  • HUE-7049 - [frontend] Generify the context popover and get rid of unused code
  • HUE-7058 - [search] Enable right panel for the search app in Hue 4
  • HUE-7059 - [search] Add list of fields to the right panel
  • HUE-7062 - [core] Fix all the 'ascii' codec can't decode from Solr function descriptions
  • HUE-7062 - [dashboard] Always suggest aggregate functions in the formula autocomplete
  • HUE-7062 - [dashboard] Convert arithmetic operators to their corresponding functions in the formula editor
  • HUE-7062 - [dashboard] Move formula editor cursor between the parentheses and trigger autocomplete when inserting functions
  • HUE-7062 - [dashboard] Suggest fields in the formula editor
  • HUE-7062 - [dashboard] Prevent line breaks when typing fast in the single line Ace editor
  • HUE-7062 - [dashboard] Only suggest aggregate functions when the formula editor is empty
  • HUE-7062 - [frontend] Move context popover and related ko components to ko_components
  • HUE-7062 - [frontend] Extract all ko components to separate files
  • HUE-7062 - [dashboard] Improve the size of the formula editor
  • HUE-7062 - [autocomplete] Link formula to the autocomplete
  • HUE-7062 - [dashboard] Suggest Solr functions in the dashboard formula editor
  • HUE-7062 - [dashboard] Add Solr function library to the autocompleter
  • HUE-7062 - [autocomplete] Extract commonly used autocomplete functionality to SqlUtils
  • HUE-7062 - [frontend] Add a generic Ace editor component that supports the Hue autocomplete dropdown
  • HUE-7062 - [search] Add backend logic for formula and remove old ops
  • HUE-7062 - [search] Add custom autocomplete parser for solr formulas
  • HUE-7078 - [editor] Fix console error on hover over old syntax error token
  • HUE-7078 - [editor] Improve handling of backticked values in the syntax checker
  • HUE-7078 - [editor] Don't mark custom variables as missing
  • HUE-7126 - [oozie] Improve Spark action to pick up the hive-site.xml easier
  • HUE-7140 - [editor] Add select variables
  • HUE-7140 - [editor] Add select variables
  • HUE-7186 - [editor] Support commenting variables
  • HUE-7186 - [editor] Support commenting variables
  • HUE-7190 - [fb] Pressing back in fb when path is not accessible does nothing
  • HUE-7215 - [indexer] Avoid duplicated column names
  • HUE-7217 - [dashboard] Avoid 500 on dashboard when search is blacklisted
  • HUE-7220 - [dashboard] Correctly reload the loaded states of widgets
  • HUE-7220 - [dashboard] Also support downloading facet result in csv and xls
  • HUE-7220 - [dashboard] Support downloading individual facet data
  • HUE-7234 - [editor] New variable should be empty
  • HUE-7236 - [metastore] Sample data shows the lock row functionality, but it does not work. Same for expand functionality
  • HUE-7239 - [editor] Use only one instance of the web workers for all snippets
  • HUE-7244 - [presentation] Add feedback effect to the global cancel operation
  • HUE-7244 - [presentation] Cancel a running presentation on exit
  • HUE-7244 - [presentation] Support cancelling the main execution
  • HUE-7245 - [search] Protect buckets when other filters can empty their values
  • HUE-7245 - [dashboard] Only propose dimention operations compatible with the data type
  • HUE-7247 - [editor] Show custom context menu when dragging views into the editor
  • HUE-7248 - [adls] Added client_id & tenant_id script handling
  • HUE-7248 - [adls] Add support for password script
  • HUE-7248 - [adls] Remove compress feature
  • HUE-7248 - [adls] fix test_export_result
  • HUE-7248 - [adls] fix test_export_result
  • HUE-7248 - [adls] fix export to file
  • HUE-7248 - [adls] filter filesystems for copy/save
  • HUE-7248 - [adls] fix upload hdfs root
  • HUE-7248 - [adls] fix path autocomplete
  • HUE-7248 - [adls] fix upload + error on upload cancel
  • HUE-7248 - [adls] Avoid cyclic dependency that prevents login
  • HUE-7248 - [adls] Avoid core libs import dependencies on apps
  • HUE-7248 - [adls] fix test test__get_fs & test__get_fs_pair
  • HUE-7248 - [adls] fix file upload over 30mb, remove logging auth token
  • HUE-7248 - [adls] fix assist hdfs error on root
  • HUE-7248 - [adls] Fix test_remove and splitpath()
  • HUE-7248 - [adls] Ability to compress / uncompress data in ADLS
  • HUE-7248 - [importer] Automatically set as external table based on ADLS data
  • HUE-7248 - [adls] Fix path of the hueversion symlink
  • HUE-7248 - [adls] Ability to browse data / content in ADLS
  • HUE-7248 - [assist] Add custom icon for ADLS
  • HUE-7250 - [assist] Improve performance when showing a table in assist
  • HUE-7251 - [editor] Don't select all and move cursor on undo after paste
  • HUE-7252 - [importer] CSV with quoted new lines in fields are not handled propertly
  • HUE-7254 - [editor] Update the Schedule tab when saving a new query without requiring a page refresh
  • HUE-7256 - [fb] Improve UX for compress/extract as batch job
  • HUE-7257 - [autocomplete] Remove the SET options for Hive
  • HUE-7257 - [autocomplete] Add autocompletion of SET options for Hive and Impala
  • HUE-7261 - [editor] Prevent enormous chart legend labels to take over the chart
  • HUE-7263 - [editor] Resize handle off when scrolled down on editor and variables are present
  • HUE-7263 - [editor] Resize handle off when scrolled down on editor and variables are present
  • HUE-7265 - [oozie] Avoid deadlock on multiple json GET to retrieve a coordinator
  • HUE-7266 - [oozie] Do not change the URL when saving a coordinator of an integrated scheduler
  • HUE-7268 - [assist] Enable right click on the current selected database
  • HUE-7269 - [editor] Error popup when exploring table from assist and NavOpt on
  • HUE-7272 - [autocomplete] Cycle the autocomplete suggestions on up/down at the limits
  • HUE-7275 - [jb] Extract / Compress job has wrong timestamps and task names
  • HUE-7278 - [editor] Fix JS error on missing parseLocation for the syntax checker
  • HUE-7279 - [editor] Include column aliases in possible suggestions for the syntax checker
  • HUE-7280 - [editor] Mark the executed statement in the gutter when multiple statements are selected
  • HUE-7281 - [editor] Mark the correct lines for errors in multi query execution
  • HUE-7282 - [jb] 'int' object has no attribute 'lower' when click on certain jobs
  • HUE-7284 - [editor] Enable the syntax checker by default
  • HUE-7286 - [editor] Move sql identifier object to the beginning of the tooltip
  • HUE-7286 - [editor] Only show the main type for columns in the tooltip
  • HUE-7286 - [editor] Show column type in the hover tooltip if the details of the column is cached
  • HUE-7287 - [editor] Fix presentation mode list of fields height calculation
  • HUE-7288 - [editor] Don't check for risks when a statement has syntax errors
  • HUE-7289 - [core] Add article to the switch version message
  • HUE-7290 - [editor] Make it possible to clear ignored syntax errors
  • HUE-7291 - [oozie] Avoid JS error when clicking on file chooser on Schedule submit modal
  • HUE-7292 - [core] Avoid JS error on window resize when the user has visited the server logs page
  • HUE-7293 - [home] Avoid using the class divider for the breadcrumbs
  • HUE-7294 - [assist] Remove the nav search from assist
  • HUE-7295 - [frontend] Fix JS error on clearing the global search input with a selected result entry
  • HUE-7296 - [assist] Style the document context panel
  • HUE-7296 - [assist] Show a generic details view of a document when we can't display the contents
  • HUE-7296 - [assist] Use the document context popover in the left assist
  • HUE-7296 - [frontend] Add initial document context panel for global search
  • HUE-7296 - [frontend] Don't mark invisible space in the Ace highlight binding
  • HUE-7296 - [frontend] Add the UUID to returned documents in the global search result
  • HUE-7296 - [frontend] Improve ApiHelper fetchDocument function to optionally also return the contents
  • HUE-7297 - [doc] re.sub needs to be compatible with Python 2.6
  • HUE-7297 - [jb] Support middle click on the top 'Jobs' menu link
  • HUE-7297 - [doc] Document search highlighting should be case insensitive
  • HUE-7299 - [solr] Use the proper LISTALIAS API in Solr 6+ to list aliases
  • HUE-7299 - [assist] Keep the type filter when navigating to different directories
  • HUE-7299 - [assist] Include directories in the assist document filter
  • HUE-7300 - [scheduler] Simpler names for tasks of schedules
  • HUE-7300 - [jb] Hide more job properties when in mini browser mode
  • HUE-7303 - [editor] Avoid result grid size expansion on presentation mode
  • HUE-7304 - [editor] Fix scroll rendering problems of the grid results in presentation mode
  • HUE-7305 - [desktop] Revert "HUE-7192 [desktop] Hue Search is failing with DatabaseError"
  • HUE-7308 - [assist] Refresh files in assist and browser
  • HUE-7311 - [editor] Limit asterisk expansion to the tables in the select statement
  • HUE-7312 - [core] Fix scroll to column on sample popup
  • HUE-7313 - [jb] Fix JS error on schedule detail page
  • HUE-7314 - [home] Use svg icons for new document and folder in home
  • HUE-7314 - [frontend] Add a plus svg addon
  • HUE-7315 - Revert "[core] Change HBase icon for assist and app"
  • HUE-7315 - [core] Change HBase icon for assist and app
  • HUE-7316 - [jb] Skeleton of Impala Query integration into Job Browser
  • HUE-7321 - [frontend] Close the global search results on show in assist
  • HUE-7322 - [frontend] Re-open the global search results on focus if a query has been entered
  • HUE-7323 - [frontend] Enable drag and drop from the global search results
  • HUE-7327 - [impala] CTAS does not trigger an assist refresh
  • HUE-7329 - [editor] Don't warn when the syntax checker can't find a token
  • HUE-7330 - [assist] Improve filter for collection fields
  • HUE-7332 - [editor] Make the syntax checker aware of database changes
  • HUE-7333 - [search] Simplifies menu text and add autogrow to query boxes
  • HUE-7333 - [search] Improve top bar after adding the right panel assistant
  • HUE-7336 - [search] Add button to add column to the left
  • HUE-7337 - [search] Do not trigger several time the search() on dashboard load
  • HUE-7337 - [search] Use the correct field type for the possible metrics
  • HUE-7337 - [search] Counter widget should be allowed even if there is no number columns
  • HUE-7337 - [search] Only show one available dimension in the hit-widget
  • HUE-7339 - [search] Bar chart with dimension one and an anlytics facet errors on click
  • HUE-7340 - [search] Solr 7 now supports min() max() on singlevalued strings
  • HUE-7340 - [search] Add new function types stddev() and variance()
  • HUE-7341 - [autocomplete] Fix issue where the first folder is ignored for HDFS suggestions
  • HUE-7342 - [editor] Make the syntax checker aware of CTE aliases
  • HUE-7343 - [assist] Exclude CTE aliases from the tables in the right assistant
  • HUE-7344 - [indexer] Avoid default 500 call to rdbms when not initialized
  • HUE-7345 - [indexer] Accept x01 char as field separator
  • HUE-7345 - [indexer] Index a Hive table into a Collection
  • HUE-7346 - [dashboard] Do not refresh the document panel on non save as
  • HUE-7347 - [importer] Proper error message when input table does not exist
  • HUE-7348 - [search] Do not error when loading a non analytics saved dashboard
  • HUE-7348 - [indexer] Properly use the table field delimiter when indexing them
  • HUE-7349 - [jb] New jobs are not inserted without a page refresh on an empty page
  • HUE-7350 - [assist] Right click on collections title should show a context menu
  • HUE-7351 - [assist] Always show the filter input in the assist panels
  • HUE-7352 - [assist] Add type to the collection right assistant
  • HUE-7353 - [search] Timeline chart shouldn't degrade the page performance
  • HUE-7354 - [frontend] Changed mini JB icon to fa-tasks
  • HUE-7354 - [frontend] Reverted the counter to orange, made it more round and changed icon for the mini JB
  • HUE-7354 - [frontend] The JB status counter should be more prominent
  • HUE-7355 - [home] Landing on Hue home with a wrong folder ID doesn't give the option of navigating away
  • HUE-7356 - [frontend] Fix js error when clearing search if a result is selected
  • HUE-7357 - [frontend] Remove the old global search
  • HUE-7358 - [frontend] Enable show in assist from the context popover for databases
  • HUE-7359 - [assist] Enable show in assist for documents in the global search results
  • HUE-7360 - [assist] Unify dashboard assistant look & feel with the SQL assistant
  • HUE-7361 - [assist] Dashboard assistant long field names shouldn't go to a new line
  • HUE-7362 - [assist] Switch to matching all text values in the sql search instead of at least one
  • HUE-7362 - [assist] Improve the facet handling for the right assistant filter
  • HUE-7362 - [frontend] Improve the autocomplete logic of the inline autocompleter
  • HUE-7362 - [assist] Enable filter on column types in the left assist
  • HUE-7362 - [assist] Use the new inline autocomplete input for assist filters
  • HUE-7362 - [assist] Include free text parts in the query specification from the global search parser
  • HUE-7362 - [assist] Extract a generic inline autocomplete component
  • HUE-7362 - [assist] Extend the global search parser to also include the facet values in the parse results
  • HUE-7363 - [assist] Allow drag and drop of fields into a dashboard
  • HUE-7365 - [oozie] Simplify top right menu buttons on workflow editor
  • HUE-7366 - [oozie] Simplify top right menu buttons on schedule editor
  • HUE-7367 - [oozie] Simplify top right menu buttons on bundle editor
  • HUE-7368 - [frontend] Upgrade the Cloudera UI css to the latest version
  • HUE-7369 - [frontend] Migrate all remaining color variables in the LESS files to variables
  • HUE-7374 - [home] The expanded search box shouldn't go under the breadcrumbs
  • HUE-7376 - [indexes] Number of fields and sample records are not always shown
  • HUE-7377 - [frontend] Reset list of globally uploaded files at every new global upload
  • HUE-7378 - [fb] File Save As modal input is not styled correctly
  • HUE-7379 - [fb] Avoid usernames and groups to go to a new line
  • HUE-7380 - [dashboard] Adjust spacing of dimensions to allow drag and drop
  • HUE-7381 - [assist] Enable show in assist from the right assistant
  • HUE-7382 - [frontend] Use the default SQL interpreter as the source type for global search result entries
  • HUE-7383 - [core] Show Notebook as first non SQL editor when enabled
  • HUE-7384 - [importer] Add support for boolean values to Solr collections
  • HUE-7385 - [solr] Do not install Solr 7 examples with auto creation of fields
  • HUE-7386 - [search] Use proper types for some of the collection examples
  • HUE-7387 - [search] New ptypes from Solr 7
  • HUE-7388 - [core] Include schedule job counts into the global job count widget
  • HUE-7391 - [autocomplete] Limit the autocompleter to the active statement only
  • HUE-7392 - [editor] Simplify top right menu buttons on the editor
  • HUE-7393 - [editor] dash is not recognized in variables
  • HUE-7394 - [core] Have dev mode on by default in development
  • HUE-7394 - [frontend] Use the dev flag instead of debug_mode to prevent caching of resources
  • HUE-7394 - [core] Flag for a dev mode
  • HUE-7395 - [jb] Support opening-up a query job id query
  • HUE-7395 - [editor] Add built-in link to the mini query job browser
  • HUE-7395 - [jb] Enable mini Job Browser for queries
  • HUE-7396 - [dashboard] Adding config properties to enable query builder and report
  • HUE-7396 - [dashboard] Re-organize available layouts
  • HUE-7397 - [editor] Adding headers to clipboard copy data
  • HUE-7397 - [editor] Add number of rows in clipboard copy to warn on possible truncation
  • HUE-7400 - [editor] Made close logs icon more visible and reliable
  • HUE-7400 - [editor] Made close logs icon bigger
  • HUE-7400 - [editor] Moved bigger icons to the specifics CSS classes
  • HUE-7400 - [editor] Slightly bigger icon size for the dashboard icon in menu
  • HUE-7400 - [editor] Slightly bigger show log toggling icons
  • HUE-7401 - [indexes] Add multi index select via SHIFT binding to list index page
  • HUE-7401 - [editor] Port quick save to dashboard to use the SolrClient
  • HUE-7403 - [core] Add 4.1 release notes
  • HUE-7405 - [assist] S3 document filter loses focus on search
  • HUE-7409 - [search] More subtle way of converting old types to new types
  • HUE-7409 - [search] ptypes should properly match any type
  • HUE-7409 - [search] The collection scheam config was being ignored
  • HUE-7410 - [core] Support opening mini job browser links directly on the correct section
  • HUE-7411 - [frontend] Cannot share documents on touchscreen machines
  • HUE-7413 - [fb] parent directory should not be selectable
  • HUE-7415 - [editor] The editor textarea should retain its size on new query
  • HUE-7416 - [useradmin] Only display edited users on group change
  • HUE-7417 - [editor] Variables can override default values depending order
  • HUE-7418 - [hive] Table stats do not have numRows if the stats are not accurate
  • HUE-7419 - [core] Update SAML libraries Fix undefined failure_function for handling SAML response parsing exception
  • HUE-7419 - [core] Update SAML libraries add dependencies defusedxml(0.4.1), future(0.16.0), and pycryptodomex
  • HUE-7419 - [core] Update SAML libraries upgrade djangosaml2 (0.13.0 --> 0.16.4) and pysaml2
  • HUE-7420 - [jb] Hide empty Impala tabs
  • HUE-7420 - [jb] Fix test jobbrowser.tests.TestImpalaApi.test_apps
  • HUE-7420 - [jb] Incorrect number of Impala queries
  • HUE-7420 - [jb] Adding Impala text to the query page to prevent confusions with other SQL engines
  • HUE-7420 - [editor] Open correct mini browser tab depending on the type of query
  • HUE-7420 - [jb] Fix mini Impala jb expand + Styling
  • HUE-7420 - [jb] Fix TestImpalaApi.test_app
  • HUE-7420 - [jb] Remove white space from impala title
  • HUE-7420 - [jb] Queries: bring up bottom panel
  • HUE-7420 - [jb] Queries: bring up bottom panel
  • HUE-7420 - [jb] Fix impala link in editor log
  • HUE-7420 - [jb] Fix impala duration & progress
  • HUE-7420 - [jb] Fix impala summary & plan whitespace + perf
  • HUE-7420 - [jb] query browser 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'group'
  • HUE-7420 - [jb] queries are not in sorted order
  • HUE-7420 - [jb] total number of impala queries incorrect
  • HUE-7420 - [jb] query plan border color
  • HUE-7420 - [adls] replaced REFRESH_URL for TENANT_ID
  • HUE-7420 - [jb] enable query browser by default
  • HUE-7420 - [jb] impala kill job + filter
  • HUE-7420 - [jb] Impala Query integration
  • HUE-7424 - [frontend] Remove double jQuery library
  • HUE-7425 - [frontend] Add gridster.js library
  • HUE-7426 - [frontend] Add gridster Knockout binding
  • HUE-7428 - [core] Opening a view directly from top search lands on a 404
  • HUE-7431 - [core] When idle session timeout is enabled it causes issues with IDP initiated SAML
  • HUE-7432 - [frontend] Upgrade Knockout to the latest
  • HUE-7433 - [frontend] Add switch to enable new charting library
  • HUE-7434 - [core] Support more than one level URLs for custom apps in Hue 4
  • HUE-7435 - [frontend] Extract Leaflet renderers to a separate common file
  • HUE-7436 - [frontend] Avoid overriding of charting data transformers between editor and dashboard
  • HUE-7437 - [dashboard] History back sometimes shows the list of dashboards
  • HUE-7440 - [core] Remove load balancer cookie on login if not authenticated
  • HUE-7440 - [core] Remove load balancer cookie in logout view
  • HUE-7441 - [core] Allow to blacklist all the apps but dbms and file browser
  • HUE-7443 - [dashboard] Fix widget add dropdown menu style
  • HUE-7444 - [dashboard] Fix missing d3v3.tip declaration
  • HUE-7445 - [editor] Add session id to the Session panel
  • HUE-7447 - [core] Skip test on last access time as feature disabled
  • HUE-7447 - [core] Convert logged REST path to proper unicode
  • HUE-7447 - [core] Log metrics into debug info
  • HUE-7447 - [core] Add thread stack traces to debug log
  • HUE-7447 - [metadata] Add call tracking to navop calls
  • HUE-7447 - [core] Add thread tracebacks into the logs in debug mode
  • HUE-7447 - [core] Stop logging user pages counts
  • HUE-7447 - [core] Track return call of REST calls
  • HUE-7447 - [core] Log access page return time
  • HUE-7448 - [indexer] Support CTRL+A as field delimiter
  • HUE-7449 - [editor] Don't mark columns from CTEs as missing
  • HUE-7450 - [editor] Fix broken jasmine tests
  • HUE-7450 - [editor] Don't suggest aliases when a qualified identifier isn't found by the syntax checker
  • HUE-7458 - [editor] Fix js error in syntax checker for subquery references
  • HUE-7462 - [assist] Highlight matching parts of the functions filter
  • HUE-7463 - [editor] Don't mark Impala complex types as missing
  • HUE-7463 - [autocomplete] Improve location handling for map and array column references in Hive
  • HUE-7464 - [editor] Refactor SQL sessions to be less confusing
  • HUE-7464 - [editor] Do not save SQL sessions as they become stale
  • HUE-7464 - [editor] Inform if the session was recreated or not in the create_session API
  • HUE-7464 - [editor] Show log panel by default
  • HUE-7466 - [dashboard] Fix alignment of facet add typeahead
  • HUE-7467 - [frontend] Fix missing subtitle for the popovers
  • HUE-7467 - [frontend] Create Solr sample popup
  • HUE-7468 - [assist] Convert collection assist into tree mode
  • HUE-7471 - [assist] Don't show a scroll bar for entries with a spinner
  • HUE-7474 - [impala] Log the query planning phase
  • HUE-7475 - [core] Merge HUE-3102 to pysaml2 v4.4.0
  • HUE-7478 - [indexes] Re-use Solr sample popover in the index field list
  • HUE-7480 - [oozie] Also check for group permission for dashboard action
  • HUE-7481 - [frontend] Close the global search when clicking on show in assist or table browser
  • HUE-7482 - [metadata] Display last time of data refresh if available
  • HUE-7483 - [backend] validate property in hue.ini is ignored
  • HUE-7484 - [editor] Avoid old headers sticking for one second on result full screen mode exit
  • HUE-7485 - [frontend] Allow partial matching for facet values in the inline autocomplete
  • HUE-7486 - [oozie] 500 error when trying to submit Hive Workflow when beeswax blacklisted
  • HUE-7487 - [editor] Propose setting 'max_row_size' on error
  • HUE-7490 - [assist] File assist does not have an initial spinner
  • HUE-7491 - [fb] Newly uploaded file via the Upload button does not get the blue selection anymore
  • HUE-7492 - [fb] Second upload from Upload button seems to error
  • HUE-7493 - [editor] Remove fuzzy feeling from the autocompleter match
  • HUE-7494 - [core] RM HA does not seem to get persisted
  • HUE-7495 - [editor] Copy to clipboard adds an extra \t at the beginning of header line
  • HUE-7496 - [core] Bump cherrypy threads by 10
  • HUE-7497 - [indexer] Fix the checking of an existing index or not while indexing
  • HUE-7497 - [indexer] Fix the link to an existing collection
  • HUE-7497 - [indexer] Refresh assist collection list on index creation
  • HUE-7498 - [importer] Also show file type on create index wizard from assist panel
  • HUE-7498 - [importer] Avoid js error when switching input types on a badly read data sample
  • HUE-7499 - [dashboard] Fix general typeahead positioning
  • HUE-7500 - [frontend] Upgrade Nicescroll to the latest
  • HUE-7501 - [dashboard] Aggregate field does not exist in older samples
  • HUE-7501 - [dashboard] Do not break the page when gridster is off
  • HUE-7501 - [dashboard] MVP of the gridster integration under a feature flag
  • HUE-7501 - [dashboard] Keep old layout intact and return a list of the new format
  • HUE-7501 - [dashboard] Convert layout to gridster format
  • HUE-7501 - [dashboard] Add configuration flag to enable the new layout
  • HUE-7502 - [aws] upload file to s3 location throws error: undefined
  • HUE-7503 - [dashboard] Rename generated formula to plain formula
  • HUE-7503 - [search] Keep sorting toggles in sync between facets of same dimension
  • HUE-7503 - [dashboard] Generate sort within the same dimension facet
  • HUE-7503 - [dashboard] Step 1 of sorting on aggregates of any dimension
  • HUE-7503 - [dashboard] Add sorting to Nth dimension
  • HUE-7503 - [dashboard] Add more than one dimension
  • HUE-7503 - [dashboard] Use new metric template for dimension 1
  • HUE-7503 - [dashboard] Analytics lean-up for counter widget
  • HUE-7503 - [dashboard] Move nested facet properties to measure template
  • HUE-7503 - [dashboard] Only show Add measure button when a field is selected
  • HUE-7503 - [dashboard] Convert add new measure to the new measure-form
  • HUE-7503 - [dashboard] New measure template
  • HUE-7503 - [dashboard] Simpler dimensions template
  • HUE-7504 - [editor] Prevent an infinite loop when changing the snippet type
  • HUE-7505 - [fb] Add a visual hint (green) to the upload status bar when successfully uploaded, and same for failures
  • HUE-7505 - [fb] Home link has a different highlight background than the path
  • HUE-7505 - [fb] The file properties in the file viewer are too close to the action menu
  • HUE-7505 - [fb] Style file editor should be the same as file viewer
  • HUE-7506 - [editor] Use the inline autocomplete in the result column search
  • HUE-7507 - [frontend] Use the inline autocomplete in the context popover column filter
  • HUE-7508 - [editor] Have the column filter visible by default in the context popover
  • HUE-7510 - [editor] Improve cursor position after dragging tables and columns to the editor
  • HUE-7511 - [fb] Fix replication factor for the currently selected file
  • HUE-7512 - [home] Select json on the import documents modal is weirdly big
  • HUE-7513 - [frontend] Top global search input is smaller than the query blue button and misaligned
  • HUE-7516 - [fb] . dir can be selected and allowed to copy into itself
  • HUE-7517 - [frontend] Properly close the global search results when opening a document
  • HUE-7518 - [editor] Remove bottom margin from the result field list filter
  • HUE-7523 - [assist] Enable drag and drop of documents in the assist panel
  • HUE-7524 - [oozie] Avoid parsing XML with resolve_entities
  • HUE-7528 - [editor] Show partition key details for columns in the contexts popover
  • HUE-7529 - [metastore] Show primary keys in the column list for a table
  • HUE-7532 - [home] Move create folder to the create document menu
  • HUE-7541 - [assist] Missing styles from the Hue 3 assist
  • HUE-7542 - [metadata] Only cache for a limited amount of time the list of cluster ids
  • HUE-7544 - [editor] Make identifier existence validator less eager when editing the identifier
  • HUE-7545 - [search] Reset query string in URL when it becomes empty
  • HUE-7546 - [dashboard] Automatically apply height to the Gridster widgets on Leaflet draw
  • HUE-7546 - [dashboard] Automatically apply height to the Gridster widgets on load and on plotly afterplot
  • HUE-7546 - [dashboard] Auto calculate height of tile based on content
  • HUE-7547 - [editor] Improve location handling for Impala complex identifiers
  • HUE-7548 - [metastore] Create table time conversion to local time can fail
  • HUE-7549 - [metastore] Drop table does not refresh the page
  • HUE-7551 - [autocomplete] Fix issue where suggestions are missing when there's no alias for a complex reference
  • HUE-7553 - [jb] Attempt object has no attribute 'task_attempt_counters'
  • HUE-7554 - [jb] Job Browser should provide YARN "Diagnostics" info when non empty
  • HUE-7555 - [importer] Type guessing for table sets everything as string
  • HUE-7555 - [core] Rename Amin section link in the top right user menu
  • HUE-7556 - [assist] Improve icons and i18n for the collections panel
  • HUE-7557 - [assist] Wire in the right sample popup for the collections items
  • HUE-7558 - [assist] Update the context menu for the collections items
  • HUE-7559 - [assist] Pre-select the source and root item for the collections panel
  • HUE-7560 - [assist] Added Solr specific facet values for the filter
  • HUE-7560 - [assist] Extracted filtered computed creation to AssistantUtils
  • HUE-7560 - [assist] Removed collection specific panel and re-used db one
  • HUE-7560 - [assist] Simplified loading of the right assist collection panel
  • HUE-7560 - [assist] Fix filtering of fields in the right assist collection panel
  • HUE-7560 - [assist] Re-use the new collections panel on the dashboard right assist
  • HUE-7561 - [sentry] Bump single user caching for metadata search
  • HUE-7562 - [core] Allow building Hue with Java 9
  • HUE-7563 - [metastore] Fields in nested column have a leading comma when preceded by array in type struct
  • HUE-7564 - Remove one of the get_connection(ldap_config) function in
  • HUE-7565 - [dashboard] Allow dragging to dashboard to create a new widget
  • HUE-7566 - [dashboard] Allow removing a Gridster widget
  • HUE-7567 - [all] Fix test
  • HUE-7568 - [frontend] Show description match in bold instead of italic for the top search results
  • HUE-7568 - [core] Top search document description can contains <em> for matching highlights
  • HUE-7569 - [core] Adding Thrift arguments to the logging of the return call
  • HUE-7569 - [core] Finer grained Thrift pool instrumentation
  • HUE-7570 - [core] Bump ConnectionPooler to have a poolsize of CHERRYPY_SERVER_THREADS
  • HUE-7571 - [doc] Update thirdparty README
  • HUE-7572 - [editor] Show the complete statement in the document context popover
  • HUE-7573 - [assist] Sort the documents in the assist panel according to last modified time with folders on top
  • HUE-7574 - [assist] Create index from the Solr assist
  • HUE-7575 - [assist] Hide filter icon from the Solr assist
  • HUE-7576 - [assist] List collections aliases on the Solr assist
  • HUE-7577 - [editor] Don't assume databases have been loaded for all sources
  • HUE-7578 - [assist] Fetch more entries when scrolling to the end in the S3 and ADLS panels
  • HUE-7579 - [frontend] Fix anonymous user render of login page
  • HUE-7580 - [metadata] Split in two ddl and stats uploads
  • HUE-7583 - [editor] Export result to table throws already exists error
  • HUE-7584 - [solr] Support default field via the config API
  • HUE-7584 - [solr] Support deleting configSet via the config API
  • HUE-7584 - [solr] Support creating configSet via the config API
  • HUE-7585 - [indexer] Delete collection when data indexing fails in the wizard
  • HUE-7585 - [core] Tweak config creation to not override the base one
  • HUE-7585 - [core] Integrate Sentry protected schemas in config creation
  • HUE-7585 - [core] Properly detect if Solr is kerberized but not Sentry protected
  • HUE-7586 - [assist] Re-wire collection refresh subscriber
  • HUE-7587 - [indexer] Fix csv format type guessing test
  • HUE-7587 - [search] Properly create collection with default field when specified
  • HUE-7588 - [core] Option to disable Hue 3 switching
  • HUE-7591 - [pig] Also add hive to the sharelib when using hcatalog
  • HUE-7592 - [jb] Hide older browser if the new ones is enabled
  • HUE-7594 - [core] Adjust project license to be valid
  • HUE-7595 - [editor] The spacing of the new notebook icon is off
  • HUE-7596 - [assist] Avoid fetching the top columns for the collections panel
  • HUE-7597 - [core] Update 3rd party Readme with frontend libraries
  • HUE-7599 - [autocomplete] Remove some unsuitable SET options
  • HUE-7600 - [assist] Split the column entry assist for the right assistant
  • HUE-7601 - [indexer] Fix sample popover integration
  • HUE-7602 - [assist] Remove unused AssistCollectionEntry references
  • HUE-7603 - [dashboard] Smaller default empty widget
  • HUE-7603 - [dashboard] Initial layout chooser should create the layout in Gridster too
  • HUE-7610 - [dashboard] Add delete functionality to an empty widget
  • HUE-7611 - [dashboard] Add drop functionality to an empty widget
  • HUE-7612 - [dashboard] Recalculate height of non graphical widgets
  • HUE-7613 - [dashboard] Make resize icon more prominent
  • HUE-7614 - [dashboard] Enable drag'n'drop from assist
  • HUE-7615 - [doc] Add upgrade instructions
  • HUE-7616 - [editor] Shell job fails with TypeError: for +: 'dict' and 'str'
  • HUE-7617 - [fb] Compress can fail with data exceeds its limit
  • HUE-7619 - [indexer] Morphline indexer should not be on by default yet
  • HUE-7620 - [indexer] Offer to index split a field into a multi-valued field
  • HUE-7622 - [jb] Reruning a wokflow redirects to a json result
  • HUE-7624 - [core] Fix LDAP unit test
  • HUE-7624 - [core] Support multi-authentication with AllowFirstUserDjangoBackend and LdapBackend
  • HUE-7625 - [assist] Sort the folders in the documents panel and home by name
  • HUE-7626 - [editor] Fix issue where incorrect keywords were no longer marked by the syntax checker
  • HUE-7627 - [editor] Fix scroll to column after visiting metastore
  • HUE-7627 - [fb] Fail batch extraction job when extracted files already exist in output folder
  • HUE-7628 - [assist] Accept different kind of dashboard engines for the right assistant
  • HUE-7629 - [assist] Bump the field/column font size by one pixel
  • HUE-7630 - [dashboard] Add a basic query builder layout
  • HUE-7631 - [core] Keep older login URL for backward compatibility
  • HUE-7631 - Revert "Revert "[core] Have login page also prefixed with /hue""
  • HUE-7631 - Revert "[core] Have login page also prefixed with /hue"
  • HUE-7631 - [core] Have login page also prefixed with /hue
  • HUE-7632 - [dashboard] Set base size for each widget type to avoid expensive calculations
  • HUE-7633 - [dashboard] Resizing a Gridster widget should resize its content too
  • HUE-7633 - [dashboard] Resizing a Gridster widget should resize its content too
  • HUE-7634 - [dashboard] Persist and reload the gridster layout
  • HUE-7635 - [dashboard] Implement min count for SQL
  • HUE-7636 - [dashboard] Gridster should expand on assist collapse
  • HUE-7637 - [jb] Task attemps log size is very small
  • HUE-7642 - [editor] Anchor the marked syntax errors to have them move automatically with the text
  • HUE-7642 - [editor] Don't mark words as syntax errors while they're being typed
  • HUE-7643 - [editor] Only mark syntax errors for which there are suggestions
  • HUE-7643 - [editor] Prevent the syntax checker from marking stale editor identifiers as missing
  • HUE-7644 - [dashboard] Optimize initial search bar for smaller resolutions too
  • HUE-7647 - [core] Group sync fails when a non-standard (not uid) user_name_attr is used
  • HUE-7648 - [editor] Only mark missing identifiers when there are suggestions
  • HUE-7649 - [core] Add Jison to Notice file
  • HUE-7650 - [dashboard] Remove widget resize and move icons on Gridster mode
  • HUE-7651 - [dashboard] Show widget delete icon on hover on Gridster mode
  • HUE-7654 - [core] Little polishing of the new thread page
  • HUE-7654 - [core] Integrate Threads page as page on /about page
  • HUE-7655 - [dashboard] Add transitions to Gridster icons
  • HUE-7656 - [dashboard] Fix loading back the Gridster layout
  • HUE-7657 - [dashboard] Fix converting from old dashboard to Gridster
  • HUE-7658 - [dashboard] Improve widget margins
  • HUE-7660 - [editor] Update the Hive UDF library
  • HUE-7660 - [editor] Update the Impala UDF library
  • HUE-7661 - [frontend] Center the top search bar
  • HUE-7662 - [editor] Reloading a presentation mode page doesn't allow to load the editor again
  • HUE-7663 - [frontend] Add weights to global search result and keep selection after update
  • HUE-7663 - [frontend] Group all Hue apps in one global search category and only match if the name starts with the query
  • HUE-7663 - [frontend] Enable search for Hue apps in the global search
  • HUE-7665 - [editor] A failed query in presentation mode should reset the global play/stop icon
  • HUE-7666 - [editor] Presentation mode with variables shouldn't break the editor
  • HUE-7667 - [core] Fix http client pool by correctly mounting Transport Adapter to a prefix.
  • HUE-7668 - [frontend] Use up and down arrow keys to cycle suggestions in the inline autocomplete
  • HUE-7669 - [assist] Update the inline autocomplete on backspace
  • HUE-7670 - [frontend] Update the inline autocomplete after inserting suggestions
  • HUE-7671 - [assist] Fix the inline autocomplete in the dashboard assistant
  • HUE-7671 - [frontend] Include names in the inline autocomplete suggestions
  • HUE-7672 - [dashboard] The layout chooser should not error after creating a new dashboard programmatically
  • HUE-7673 - [dashboard] Enable vertical scroll inside the Gridster widgets
  • HUE-7676 - [core] skip_trash for hue_config_validation
  • HUE-7678 - [oozie] Running an old workflow from 3.7 might fail
  • HUE-7679 - [dashboard] Add clearable to the simple ace editor
  • HUE-7680 - Revert "[frontend] Get rid of Nicescroll to improve general performances"
  • HUE-7680 - Revert "[editor] Fix scroll in autocomplete dropdown"
  • HUE-7680 - Revert "[frontend] Tone down the scrollbars for webkit browsers"
  • HUE-7680 - Revert "[frontend] Improve CSS on not-so-top-of-the-line screens"
  • HUE-7680 - [frontend] Improve CSS on not-so-top-of-the-line screens
  • HUE-7680 - [frontend] Tone down the scrollbars for webkit browsers
  • HUE-7680 - [editor] Fix scroll in autocomplete dropdown
  • HUE-7680 - [frontend] Get rid of Nicescroll to improve general performances
  • HUE-7681 - [assist] Differentiate font sizes between the two assists
  • HUE-7682 - [assist] Expand the right assist content if there's just one table present
  • HUE-7683 - [assist] Add 'Open in assist' functionality for the right assist items
  • HUE-7684 - [assist] Add context menu to the collections title in left and right assist
  • HUE-7685 - [assist] Show table title in the right assist
  • HUE-7686 - [dashboard] Improve reliability of the db/table chooser
  • HUE-7687 - [metastore] Supply the source type when updating table and column comments
  • HUE-7688 - [metastore] Prevent the table browser from leaking css styles to other apps
  • HUE-7689 - [frontend] Avoid JS import error in old Hue
  • HUE-7692 - [editor] Upgrade failure from from CDH <= 5.4
  • HUE-7692 - [editor] Upgrade failure from from CDH <= 5.4
  • HUE-7693 - [assist] Make sure the right database is opened when a query is opened
  • HUE-7694 - [assist] Add sample tab to the collection context popover
  • HUE-7694 - [assist] Add show details to the collections name in left and right assist
  • HUE-7695 - [editor] Limit suggested values for the syntax checker
  • HUE-7695 - [editor] Only mark syntax errors in the active statement
  • HUE-7695 - [editor] Only identify complex locations for Impala
  • HUE-7695 - [editor] Limit background location checks to cached data only
  • HUE-7695 - [assist] Limit prefetching of columns in the right assist to the first 10 tables
  • HUE-7695 - [editor] Check identifier existence async
  • HUE-7697 - [core] Allow Kerberos Renewer to retry kinit multiple times
  • HUE-7697 - Revert "[core] Allow Kerberos Renewer to retry kinit multiple times"
  • HUE-7697 - [core] Allow Kerberos Renewer to retry kinit multiple times
  • HUE-7699 - [oozie] Shell document action are not listing any saved shell query
  • HUE-7701 - [search] Input focus reseted when filtering terms in column popup
  • HUE-7702 - [editor] Marker map lat and lon column section fields are always empty
  • HUE-7703 - [solr] Add collection sampling to the notebook API
  • HUE-7704 - [frontend] Fix wrong alignment of share dropdown options
  • HUE-7706 - [frontend] Fix js error in top search results
  • HUE-7707 - [assist] Show in assist should scroll just the left assist
  • HUE-7709 - [search] Dimension 2 facet selection display the same 1st column twice
  • HUE-7710 - [search] Prettify facet dimension humane description
  • HUE-7714 - [editor] Add column type to column name of row detail popup
  • HUE-7716 - [editor] Add a bit of left margin to the presentation mode
  • HUE-7717 - [editor] Double click on snippet title shouldn't add a new snippet in presentation mode
  • HUE-7718 - [editor] Enable presentation mode just for SQL editors
  • HUE-7719 - [editor] Consolidate the Pyspark mode
  • HUE-7720 - [home] Emptying the trash shouldn't show a constant spinner
  • HUE-7721 - [home] Improve "Empty trash" discoverability
  • HUE-7722 - [editor] Avoid JS error when user tries to execute zero queries in presentation mode
  • HUE-7723 - [editor] Only check for syntax in the Hive and Impala editors
  • HUE-7724 - [assist] Keep the state of the right assist tabs and refresh the assistant when needed
  • HUE-7725 - [autocomplete] Make sure we don't make suggestions on stale editor contents
  • HUE-7726 - [editor] Prevent statement parser error on '-' and '/'
  • HUE-7728 - [jb] 500% progress in live Impala query browser sometimes
  • HUE-7729 - [search] Support collections with hyphens in name
  • HUE-7730 - [fb] Refresh assist document list after creating workflow
  • HUE-7731 - [core] Move new and document list to top menu
  • HUE-7734 - [metadata] Avoid silent error when tenant id retrieval is empty
  • HUE-7735 - [editor] Prevent JS error from the risk suggestions
  • HUE-7736 - [assist] Make sure filtering the file panels resets the current page
  • HUE-7737 - [frontend] Make sure popovers are aligned when opened the first time
  • HUE-7739 - [metastore] Fix column context popover in the table browser
  • HUE-7744 - [dashboard] Enable Ace Hue theme in the single line Ace editor
  • HUE-7745 - [dashboard] Added square brackets to the supported operators
  • HUE-7745 - [dashboard] Create Solr keywords highlighter for Ace
  • HUE-7746 - [assist] Show a spinner when searching in the right assistant while columns are being loaded
  • HUE-7747 - [frontend] Show a spinner when the global search results are being updated
  • HUE-7748 - [frontend] Preselect the first entry in the global search result list
  • HUE-7749 - [editor] Don't mark columns from subqueries as missing
  • HUE-7752 - [core] Remove sample popup column filtering toggling icon
  • IMPALA-467 - enable disabled metric verification
  • IMPALA-992 - [DOCS] Document impala-shell 'rerun' command
  • IMPALA-1291 - Parquet read fails if io buffer size is less than the footer size
  • IMPALA-1575 - part 2: yield admission control resources
  • IMPALA-1575 - part 2: yield admission control resources
  • IMPALA-1575 - Part 1: eagerly release query exec resources
  • IMPALA-1767 - Adds predicate to test boolean values true, false, unknown.
  • IMPALA-2107 - [DOCS] Document base64*code() functions
  • IMPALA-2181 - Add query option levels for display
  • IMPALA-2190 - [DOCS] from_timestamp() and to_timestamp()
  • IMPALA-2234 - remove workaround from stress test
  • IMPALA-2235 - Fix current db when shell auto-reconnects
  • IMPALA-2250 - Make multiple COUNT(DISTINCT) message state workarounds
  • IMPALA-2281 - Replace FNV with FastHash in exchange nodes
  • IMPALA-2494 - Support for byte array encoded decimals in Parquet scanner
  • IMPALA-2636 - HS2 GetTables() returns TABLE_TYPE as TABLE for VIEW
  • IMPALA-2758 - Remove BufferedTupleStream::GetRows
  • IMPALA-2810 - Remove column stats restoration when altering table
  • IMPALA-3200 - [DOCS] Document user-facing aspects of new buffer pool
  • IMPALA-3360 - Codegen inserting into runtime filters
  • IMPALA-3437 - DECIMAL_V2: avoid implicit decimal->double conversion
  • IMPALA-3504 - [DOCS] Document utc_timestamp()
  • IMPALA-3516 - Avoid writing to /tmp in testing
  • IMPALA-3548 - Prune runtime filters based on query options in the FE
  • IMPALA-3613 - Avoid topic updates to unregistered subscriber instances
  • IMPALA-3642 - Adding backend addresses to error statuses for some scratch failures.
  • IMPALA-3877 - support unpatched LLVM
  • IMPALA-3897 - Codegen null-aware constant in PHJ::ProcessBuildBatch()
  • IMPALA-3998 - deprecate --refresh_after_connect
  • IMPALA-4082 - Remove todo item in getRegionsInRange
  • IMPALA-4177 - IMPALA-6039: batched bit reading and rle decoding
  • IMPALA-4236 - Codegen CopyRows() for select nodes
  • IMPALA-4252 - Min-max runtime filters for Kudu
  • IMPALA-4252 - Move runtime filters to ScanNode
  • IMPALA-4513 - Promote integer types for ABS()
  • IMPALA-4524 - Batch ALTER TABLE...ADD PARTITION calls.
  • IMPALA-4591 - Bound Kudu client error mem usage
  • IMPALA-4620 - Refactor evalcost computation in query analysis
  • IMPALA-4622 - [DOCS] New Kudu ALTER TABLE syntax
  • IMPALA-4623 - [DOCS] Document file handle caching
  • IMPALA-4669 - [KRPC] Add kudu_rpc library to build
  • IMPALA-4670 - Introduces RpcMgr class
  • IMPALA-4704 - Turns on client connections when local catalog initialized.
  • IMPALA-4736 - Add SIGUSR1 behavior to help string for 'minidump_path' flag
  • IMPALA-4786 - Clean up how ImpalaServers are created
  • IMPALA-4847 - Simplify HdfsTable block metadata loading code
  • IMPALA-4856 - Port data stream service to KRPC
  • IMPALA-4856 - IMPALA-4872: Include KRPC services in plan fragment's destinations
  • IMPALA-4856 - Rename thrift-deps to gen-deps
  • IMPALA-4863 - IMPALA-5311: Correctly account the file type and compression codec
  • IMPALA-4918 - Support getting column comments via HS2
  • IMPALA-4927 - Impala should handle invalid input from Sentry
  • IMPALA-4939 - IMPALA-4940: Decimal V2 multiplication
  • IMPALA-4964 - Fix Decimal modulo overflow
  • IMPALA-4985 - use parquet stats of nested types for dynamic pruning
  • IMPALA-5018 - Error on decimal modulo or divide by zero
  • IMPALA-5019 - Decimal V2 addition
  • IMPALA-5129 - Use Kudu's Kinit code to avoid expensive fork
  • IMPALA-5142 - EventSequence displays negative elapsed time.
  • IMPALA-5174 - Suppress kudu flags that aren't relevant to Impala
  • IMPALA-5199 - prevent hang on empty row batch exchange
  • IMPALA-5210 - Count rows and collection items in parquet scanner separately
  • IMPALA-5211 - Simplifying nullif conditional.
  • IMPALA-5211 - Simplifying ifnull/isnull/nvl where conditional is a literal.
  • IMPALA-5243 - Speed up code gen for wide Avro tables.
  • IMPALA-5250 - Unify decompressor output_length semantics
  • IMPALA-5307 - Part 4: copy out uncompressed text and seq
  • IMPALA-5307 - Part 2: copy out strings in uncompressed Avro
  • IMPALA-5307 - part 1: don't transfer disk I/O buffers out of parquet
  • IMPALA-5307 - Part 3: remove TODO from RCFile
  • IMPALA-5317 - add DATE_TRUNC() function
  • IMPALA-5341 - Avoid unintended filter out in fe test
  • IMPALA-5376 - Implement all TPCDS test cases or alternates for Impala.
  • IMPALA-5383 - [DOCS] Document unpartitioned Kudu tables
  • IMPALA-5394 - Change ThriftServer() to always use TAcceptQueueServer
  • IMPALA-5416 - Fix an impala-shell command recursion bug
  • IMPALA-5417 - make I/O buffer queue fixed-size
  • IMPALA-5425 - Add test for validating input when setting query options
  • IMPALA-5429 - Multi threaded block metadata loading
  • IMPALA-5448 - fix invalid number of splits reported in Parquet scan node
  • IMPALA-5501 - [DOCS] Clarify 'binaries' w.r.t. installation procedure
  • IMPALA-5525 - Extend TestScannersFuzzing to test uncompressed parquet
  • IMPALA-5529 - [DOCS] New trunc() signatures
  • IMPALA-5538 - Revert "Use explicit catalog versions for deleted objects"
  • IMPALA-5538 - Use explicit catalog versions for deleted objects
  • IMPALA-5541 - Reject BATCH_SIZE greater than 65536
  • IMPALA-5589 - Re-apply:change "set" in impala-shell to show empty string for unset query options
  • IMPALA-5589 - Revert "change "set" in impala-shell to show empty string for unset query options"
  • IMPALA-5589 - change "set" in impala-shell to show empty string for unset query options
  • IMPALA-5599 - Clean up references to TimestampValue in be/src.
  • IMPALA-5599 - Fix for mis-use of TimestampValue
  • IMPALA-5624 - Replace "ls -l" with opendir() in ProcessStateInfo
  • IMPALA-5638 - [DOCS] Add known issue for Impala-Kudu-Sentry issue
  • IMPALA-5653 - Remove "unlimited" process mem_limit option
  • IMPALA-5664 - Unix time to timestamp conversions may crash Impala
  • IMPALA-5668 - Fix cast(X as timestamp) for negative subsecond Decimals
  • IMPALA-5736 - Add impala-shell argument to set default query options
  • IMPALA-5789 - Add always_false flag in bloom filter
  • IMPALA-5836 - Improvements to Eclipse frontend configuration.
  • IMPALA-5844 - use a MemPool for expr result allocations
  • IMPALA-5846 - Fix output path for kudu libraries
  • IMPALA-5854 - Revert "Update external hadoop versions"
  • IMPALA-5854 - Update external hadoop versions
  • IMPALA-5860 - upgrade to LLVM 3.9.1
  • IMPALA-5870 - Improve runtime profile for partial sort
  • IMPALA-5873 - Check for existence of sync_file_range()
  • IMPALA-5894 - [DOCS] Clarify placement of STRAIGHT_JOIN hint
  • IMPALA-5895 - clean up runtime profile lifecycle
  • IMPALA-5902 - add ThreadSanitizer build
  • IMPALA-5905 - build-all-flag-combinations addendum
  • IMPALA-5905 - add script for all-build-options job
  • IMPALA-5908 - Allow SET to unset modified query options.
  • IMPALA-5912 - fix crash in trunc(..., "WW") in release build
  • IMPALA-5920 - addendum - add missing RAT check
  • IMPALA-5920 - Remove admission control dependency on YARN RM jar
  • IMPALA-5926 - Avoid printing expensive stack when closing a session
  • IMPALA-5927 - Fix enable_distcc for zsh
  • IMPALA-5932 - Improve transitive closure computation performance in FE
  • IMPALA-5940 - Avoid log spew by using Status::Expected()
  • IMPALA-5940 - Avoid log spew by using Status::Expected.
  • IMPALA-5941 - Fix Metastore schema creation in
  • IMPALA-5957 - print memory address, not memory
  • IMPALA-5965 - avoid per-value switch on NeedsConversionInline() in parquet
  • IMPALA-5966 - Fix the result file location of PlannerTest
  • IMPALA-5975 - Work around broken beeline clients
  • IMPALA-5976 - Remove equivalence class computation in FE
  • IMPALA-5986 - Correct set-option logic to recognize digits in names.
  • IMPALA-5987 - LZ4 Codec silently produces bogus compressed data for large inputs
  • IMPALA-5988 - optimise MemPool::TryAllocate()
  • IMPALA-5999 - Fix LLVM linkage errors due LibCache sync issues
  • IMPALA-6001 - Part 1: Increase log level during catalog update processing
  • IMPALA-6002 - Add a LLVM diagnostic handler for LLVM linker errors
  • IMPALA-6004 - Fix test_row_filters failure on ASAN
  • IMPALA-6009 - Upgrade Guava to 14.0.1
  • IMPALA-6012 - workaround - downgrade hive temporarily
  • IMPALA-6016 - Fix logging in TableLoadingMgr class
  • IMPALA-6019 - Remove dead code parallel-executor*
  • IMPALA-6021 - Revert "IMPALA-6009: Upgrade Guava to 14.0.1"
  • IMPALA-6027 - Retry downloading toolchain components.
  • IMPALA-6030 - Don't start coordinator specific thread pools if a node isn't a coordinator node
  • IMPALA-6040 - skip test_multi_compression_types where Hive isn't supported
  • IMPALA-6053 - Fix exception when storadeIds don't match hosts
  • IMPALA-6054 - Parquet dictionary pages should be freed on dictionary construction
  • IMPALA-6055 - Fix hdfs encryption test far Hadoop 2.8+
  • IMPALA-6060 - Check the return value of JNI exception handling functions
  • IMPALA-6067 - Enable S3 access via IAM roles for EC2 VMs
  • IMPALA-6068 - Revert "Fix dataload for complextypes_fileformat"
  • IMPALA-6068 - Fix dataload for complextypes_fileformat
  • IMPALA-6069 - Fix CodegenAnyVal's handling of 'nan'
  • IMPALA-6076 - Parquet BIT_PACKED deprecation warning
  • IMPALA-6080 - clean up table descriptor handling
  • IMPALA-6081 - Fix test_basic_filters runtime profile failure
  • IMPALA-6084 - Avoid using of global namespace for llvm
  • IMPALA-6099 - Fix crash in CheckForAlwaysFalse()
  • IMPALA-6100 - increase test_exchange_delays timeout on slow builds
  • IMPALA-6105 - Clarify argument order in single_node_perf_run
  • IMPALA-6106 - handle comments before set in test parser
  • IMPALA-6108 - IMPALA-6070: Parallel data load (re-instated).
  • IMPALA-6108 - Revert "IMPALA-6070: Parallel data load."
  • IMPALA-6109 - xfail TestHdfsUnknownErrors::test_hdfs_safe_mode_error_255
  • IMPALA-6118 - Fix assertion failure in coordinator bloom filter updating
  • IMPALA-6121 - remove I/O mgr request context cache
  • IMPALA-6123 - Fix column order of a query test in test_inline_view_limit
  • IMPALA-6124 - Fix alter table ddl updates and test
  • IMPALA-6126 - ASAN detects heap-use-after-free in thrift-server-test
  • IMPALA-6127 - Fix timeout in TestRuntimeFilter.test_wait_time
  • IMPALA-6128 - Spill-to-disk Encryption(AES-CFB + SHA256) is slow
  • IMPALA-6134 - Update code base to use impala::ConditionVariable
  • IMPALA-6136 - Part 1: Query duration should not be normally negative.
  • IMPALA-6137 - fix text scanner split delim mem mgmt
  • IMPALA-6144 - PublishFilter() continues to run after query failure/cancellation
  • IMPALA-6148 - Specifying thirdparty deps as URLs
  • IMPALA-6151 - add query-level fragment/backend counters
  • IMPALA-6155 - Allow tests to pass when ORDER BY does not cover the query.
  • IMPALA-6164 - Fix stale query profile in TestAlwaysFalseFilter
  • IMPALA-6171 - Revert "IMPALA-1575: part 2: yield admission control resources"
  • IMPALA-6173 - Fix SHOW CREATE TABLE for unpartitioned Kudu tables
  • IMPALA-6183 - Fix Decimal to Double conversion
  • IMPALA-6184 - Clean up after ScalarExprEvaluator::Clone() fails
  • IMPALA-6187 - Fix missing conjuncts evaluation with empty projection
  • IMPALA-6188 - make test_top_n_reclaim less flaky
  • IMPALA-6198 - marks a test as debug-only
  • IMPALA-6201 - Fix test_basic_filters on ASAN
  • IMPALA-6206 - Fix data load failure with -notests
  • IMPALA-6217 - fix DCHECK in Parquet fuzz test
  • IMPALA-6220 - Revert "IMPALA-6128: Spill-to-disk Encryption(AES-CFB + SHA256) is slow"
  • IMPALA-6225 - Part 1: Query profile date-time strings should have ns precision.
  • IMPALA-6232 - Disable file handle cache by default
  • IMPALA-6241 - timeout in admission control test under ASAN
  • IMPALA-6256 - Incorrect principal will be used for internal connections if FLAGS_be_principal is set
  • IMPALA-6262 - Always initialize runtime profile for DataSink
  • IMPALA-6280 - Materialize TupleIsNullPredicate for insert sorts
  • IMPALA-6281 - Fix use-after-free in InitAuth()
  • IMPALA-6285 - Don't print stack trace on RPC errors.
  • IMPALA-6286 - Remove invalid runtime filter targets.
  • IMPALA-6291 - disable AVX512 codegen in LLVM
  • IMPALA-6292 - addendum: Fix failing test
  • IMPALA-6292 - Fix incorrect DCHECK in decimal subtraction
  • IMPALA-6298 - Skip test_profile_fragment_instances on local filesystem
  • IMPALA-6308 - Fix bad Status() usage in
  • IMPALA-5307 - ScannerContext API change
  • IMPALA-5493 - Add Protobuf to CMakeLists.txt
  • KUDU-1078 - Fixed an error message commonly found in tablet server logs indicating that operations were being read "from the future".
  • KUDU-1411 - HybridTime timestamp propagation now works in the Java client when using scan tokens.
  • KUDU-2044 - Tombstoned tablets no longer report metrics.
  • KUDU-2173 - Fixed a bug in the C++ client which could cause tablets to be erroneously pruned, or skipped, during certain scans, resulting in fewer results than expected being returned from queries. The bug only affected tables whose range partition columns are a proper prefix of the primary key.
  • KUDU-2188 - Published Kudu Java artifacts are now fully compatible with JRE 7 and JRE 8. There was previously a bug in the release process which made them compatible only with JRE 8.
  • Fixed a typo in the list of default TLS ciphers used by Kudu servers. As a result, two additional cipher suites are now available:
    • ECDHE-RSA-AES128-SHA256 TLSv1.2 Kx=ECDH Au=RSA Enc=AES(128) Mac=SHA256
    • AES256-GCM-SHA384 TLSv1.2 Kx=RSA Au=RSA Enc=AESGCM(256) Mac=AEAD
  • KUDU-2231 - Sparse column predicates no longer cause excessive data-block reads.
  • OOZIE-1401 - PurgeCommand should purge the workflow jobs w/o end_time
  • OOZIE-3072 - oozie.service.HadoopAccessorService.action.configurations should overwrite default values set in Hadoop's configuration files
  • OOZIE-3078 - PasswordMasker throws NPE with null arguments
  • OOZIE-3103 - Improve log message regarding max concurrency for coordinators
  • OOZIE-3112 - SparkConfigrationService overwrites properties provided via --properties-file option in SparkAction
  • OOZIE-3132 - Instrument SLACalculatorMemory
  • PIG-3299 - Provide support for LazyOutputFormat to avoid creating empty files
  • SENTRY-1272 - Enable ALTERVIEW_RENAME and ALTERVIEW_AS operation in hive binding
  • SENTRY-1712 - Add trigger mechanism for Sentry to push full path snapshot to Name Node.
  • SENTRY-1906 - Sentry clients to retry connections to server with delay to avoid failing fast
  • SENTRY-1963 - Sentry JSON reporter should use regular implementation for local file system
  • SENTRY-1992 - Improve parameter handling for SentryGenericProviderBackend
  • SENTRY-2014 - incorrect handling of HDFS paths with multiple forward slashes
  • SENTRY-2031 - Add trigger mechanism for Sentry to pull full path snapshot from HMS
  • SENTRY-2032 - Leading Slashes need to removed when creating HMS path entries
  • SENTRY-2035 - Metrics should move to destination atomically
  • SENTRY-2036 - sentry_sync_notifications() should set ID when it returns errors
  • SENTRY-2046 - Create a full snapshot if AUTHZ_PATHS_SNAPSHOT_ID is empty, even if HMS and Sentry Notifications are in sync
  • SENTRY-2047 - isTableEmptyCore method in SentryStore has references to MAuthzPathsMapping when it should be generic
  • SPARK-15273 - YarnSparkHadoopUtil#getOutOfMemoryErrorArgument should respect OnOutOfMemoryError parameter given by user
  • SQOOP-3196 - Modify MySQLAuthTest to use configurable test database parameters
  • SQOOP-3197 - Database credentials cannot be configured in PostgreSQL third party tests
  • SQOOP-3229 - Document how to run third party tests manually with databases running in docker
  • SQOOP-3243 - Importing BLOB data causes "Stream closed" error on encrypted HDFS
  • SQOOP-3257 - Sqoop does not log and print metastore password
  • ZOOKEEPER-1583 - Document maxClientCnxns in conf/zoo_sample.cfg
  • ZOOKEEPER-1584 - Adding mvn-install target for deploying the zookeeper artifacts to .m2 repository
  • ZOOKEEPER-2887 - define dependency versions in build.xml to be easily overridden in