Impala Version and Download Information

The information in this section applies to CDH 4 clusters, where Impala is downloaded and installed separately from CDH itself. You can disregard this section if you are running a CDH 5 cluster. This information is included with the CDH 5 documentation for users who manage CDH 4 clusters through Cloudera Manager 5.

See the following sections for Impala download information:

For installation instructions, see Setting Up Apache Impala Using the Command Line.

For information about new features in the latest release, and issues that are fixed or still outstanding, see the Cloudera Release Guide.

Impala Download Information

Impala 2.2.0 and Higher

Impala 2.1.0

Impala 2.0.1

Impala 2.0.0

Impala 1.4.3

Impala 1.4.0

Impala 1.3.1

Impala 1.2.4

Impala 1.2.3

Impala 1.2.2

Impala 1.2.1

Impala 1.2.0 (Beta)

Release Date: October 2013 Status: Beta, for use with CDH 5 Beta 1

CDH 5 Project

Package Version

Tarball Version

Release Notes

Changes File






Impala 1.1.1

Impala 1.0.1