Cloudera Distribution of Apache Kafka Incompatible Changes and Limitations

Flume shipped with CDH 5.6.0 can only send data to Kafka 2.0 and higher via unsecured transport

To take advantage of security additions in Kafka 2.0 and higher, upgrade to CDH 5.7.0.

Topic Blacklist Removed

The MirrorMaker Topic blacklist setting has been removed in Cloudera Distribution of Kafka 2.x and higher.

Avoid Data Loss Option Removed

The Avoid Data Loss option from earlier releases has been removed in Kafka 2.x in favor of automatically setting the following properties.

  1. Producer settings
    • acks=all
    • retries=max integer
    • long
  2. Consumer setting
    • auto.commit.enable=false
  3. MirrorMaker setting
    • abort.on.send.failute=true