Apache Oozie Incompatible Changes and Limitations

As of CDH 5.2.0, a new Hive 2 Action allows Oozie to run HiveServer2 scripts. Using the Hive Action with HiveServer2 is now deprecated; you should switch to the new Hive 2 Action as soon as possible.

CDH 5.4.0 introduces sharelib packaging changes: the sharelib was previously shipped as a pair of tarballs, oozie-sharelib-yarn.tar.gz and oozie-sharelib-mr1.tar.gz. As of CDH 5.4.0, it is shipped as a pair of directories, oozie-sharelib-yarn and oozie-sharelib-mr1. They are still installed in /usr/lib/oozie/ in a packages distribution, and in /lib/oozie in a parcels distribution.