Apache Mahout Incompatible Changes and Limitations

CDH 5.1 introduces the following incompatible changes.

Minor changes in behavior:
  • MAHOUT-1368

    The org.apache.mahout.math.stats.OnlineSummarizer algorithm has changed, potentially leading to different results.

  • MAHOUT-1392

    The streaming KMeans implementation has changed in how it outputs centroids when run outside of a Hadoop cluster.

  • MAHOUT-1565

Major Developer API changes
  • MAHOUT-1296:
    The following implementations have been removed:
    • Clustering:
      • DirichletMeanShift
      • MinHash
      • Eigencuts in o.a.m.clustering.spectral.eigencuts
    • Classification:
      • WinnowPerceptron
      • Frequent Pattern Mining
    • Collaborative Filtering:
      • All recommenders in o.a.m.cf.taste.impl.recommender.knn
      • TreeClusteringRecommender in o.a.m.cf.taste.impl.recommender
      • SlopeOne implementations in o.a.m..cf.taste.hadoop.slopeone and o.a.m.cf.taste.impl.recommender.slopeone
      • Distributed pseudo recommender in o.a.m.cf.taste.hadoop.pseudo
  • MAHOUT-1362:

    The examples/bin/build-reuters.sh script has been removed.

Minor Developer API changes
  • MAHOUT-1280:

    Some SSVD support code, such as UpperTriangularMatrix, has been moved to mahout-math.

  • MAHOUT-1363:

    Scala-related math code has been moved into an org.apache.mahout.math.scalabindings sub-package.

Minor packaging changes