Apache Sentry Incompatible Changes

Compatibility Notes for CDH 5.13.x

CDH 5.13.0 introduces high availability for Sentry. Although you can still use Sentry with a flat file database, if you want to configure high availability for Sentry, the Sentry service must use by a relational database.

Compatibility Notes for CDH 5.3.x

As of CDH 5.3, MSCK REPAIR TABLE now requires ALL privileges for the table (previously this statement required ALL privileges on the parent database for the table).

Compatibility Notes for CDH 5.2.x

Upgrading Sentry from a release earlier than CHD 5.2 to CDH 5.2 or later entails a schema upgrade to the Sentry database; for more information see Upgrading Sentry or Upgrading CDH Using Cloudera Manager.

Compatibility Notes for CDH 5.1.x

CDH 5.1 introduces a new privilege model in Sentry. This introduces a backward incompatible change for Impala. Creating a new object now requires the ALL privilege on the parent object. For example, creating a database now requires server-level privileges (previously needed database-level) and creating a table requires database-level privileges (previously needed table-level).