Apache Flume Known Issues

Flume Kafka client incompatible changes in CDH 5.8

Due to the change of offset storage from ZooKeeper to Kafka in the CDH 5.8 Flume Kafka client, data might not be consumed by the Flume agents, or might be duplicated (if kafka.auto.offset.reset=smallest) during an upgrade to CDH 5.8.

Cloudera Bug: TSB-173

Workaround: See Upgrading to CDH 5.8 When Using the Flume Kafka Client

Hive sink support

Flume does not provide a native sink that stores the data that can be directly consumed by Hive.

Bug: FLUME-1008

Cloudera Bug: CDH-3912

Workaround: None

Fast Replay does not work with encrypted File Channel

If an encrypted file channel is set to use fast replay, the replay will fail and the channel will fail to start.

Bug: FLUME-1885

Cloudera Bug: CDH-8017, CDH-10115.

Workaround: Disable fast replay for the encrypted channel by setting use-fast-replay to false.