Snapshot Code

When you first launch an experiment or model, Cloudera Machine Learning takes a Git snapshot of the project filesystem at that point in time. This Git server functions behind the scenes and is completely separate from any other Git version control system you might be using for the project as a whole.

However, this Git snapshot will recognize the .gitignore file defined in the project. This means if there are any artifacts (files, dependencies, etc.) larger than 50 MB stored directly in your project filesystem, make sure to add those files or folders to .gitignore so that they are not recorded as part of the snapshot. This ensures that the experiment/model environment is truly isolated and does not inherit dependencies that have been previously installed in the project workspace.

By default, each project is created with the following .gitignore file:


Augment this file to include any extra dependencies you have installed in your project workspace to ensure a truly isolated workspace for each model/experiment.