Apache Ambari Operations
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Changing Configuration Settings

You can optimize service performance using the Configs page for each service. The Configs page includes several tabs you can use to manage configuration versions, groups, settings, properties and values. You can adjust settings, called "Smart Configs" that control at a macro-level, memory allocation for each service. Adjusting Smart Configs requires related configuration settings to change throughout your cluster. Ambari prompts you to review and confirm all recommended changes and restart affected services.


  1. In Ambari Web, click a service name in the service summary list on the left.

  2. From the the service Summary page, click the Configs tab, then use one of the following tabs to manage configuration settings.

    Use the Configs tab to manage configuration versions and groups.

    Use the Settings tab to manage "Smart Configs" by adjusting the green, slider buttons.

    Use the Advanced tab to edit specific configuration properties and values.

  3. Click Save.

Next Steps

Enter a description for this version that includes your current changes, review and confirm each recommended change, and then restart all affected services.

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