Apache Ambari Operations
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Viewing the Alert Status Log

Whether or not Ambari is configured to send alert notifications, it writes alert status changes to a log on the Ambari Server host. To view this log:


  1. On the Ambari server host, browse to the log directory:

    cd /var/log/ambari-server/

  2. View the ambari-alerts.log file.

  3. Log entries include the time of the status change, the alert status, the alert definition name, and the response text:

    2015-08-10 22:47:37,120 [OK] [HARD] [STORM] (Storm Server Process) TCP OK - 0.000s response on port 8744
    2015-08-11 11:06:18,479 [CRITICAL] [HARD] [AMBARI] [ambari_server_agent_heartbeat] (Ambari Agent Heartbeat) c6401.ambari.apache.org is not sending heartbeats
    2015-08-11 11:08:18,481 [OK] [HARD] [AMBARI] [ambari_server_agent_heartbeat] (Ambari Agent Heartbeat) c6401.ambari.apache.org is healthy