Apache Ambari Operations
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Performing Host-Level Actions

Use the Actions UI control to act on hosts in your cluster. Actions that you perform that comprise more than one operation, possibly on multiple hosts, are also known as bulk operations.

The Actions control comprises a workflow that uses a sequence of three menus to refine your search: a hosts menu, a menu of objects based on your host choice, and a menu of actions based on your object choice.

For example, if you want to restart the RegionServers on any host in your cluster on which a RegionServer exists:


  1. In the Hosts page, select or search for hosts running a RegionServer:

  2. Using the Actions control, click Fitered Hosts > RegionServers > Restart:

  3. Click OK to start the selected operation.

  4. Optionally, monitor background operations to follow, diagnose, or troubleshoot the restart operation.

More Information

Monitoring Background Operations