Apache Ambari Operations
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Viewing the Cluster Dashboard

Ambari Web UI displays the Dashboard page as the home page. Use Dashboard to view the operating status of your cluster.

The left side of Ambari Web displays the list of Hadoop services currently running in your cluster. Dashboard includes Metrics, Heatmaps, and Config History tabs; by default, the Metrics tab is displayed. On the Metrics page, multiple widgets, represent operating status information of services in your HDP cluster. Most widgets display a single metric: for example, HDFS Disk Usage represented by a load chart and a percentage figure:

Metrics Widgets and Descriptions

HDFS metrics

HDFS Disk Usage

The percentage of distributed file system (DFS) used, which is a combination of DFS and non-DFS used

Data Nodes Live

The number of DataNodes operating, as reported from the NameNode

NameNode Heap

The percentage of NameNode Java Virtual Machine (JVM) heap memory used

NameNode RPC

The average RPC queue latency

NameNode CPU WIO

The percentage of CPU wait I/O

NameNode Uptime

The NameNode uptime calculation

YARN metrics (HDP 2.1 or later stacks)

ResourceManager Heap

The percentage of ResourceManager JVM heap memory used

ResourceManager Uptime

The ResourceManager uptime calculation

NodeManagers Live

The number of DataNodes operating, as reported from the ResourceManager

YARN Memory

The percentage of available YARN memory (used versus. total available)

HBase metrics

HBase Master Heap

The percentage of NameNode JVM heap memory used

HBase Ave Load

The average load on the HBase server

HBase Master Uptime

The HBase master uptime calculation

Region in Transition

The number of HBase regions in transition

Storm metrics (HDP 2.1 or later stacks)

Supervisors Live

The number of supervisors operating as reported by the Nimbus server

More Information

Modifying the Service Dashboard

Scanning Operating Status