Apache Ambari Operations
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Viewing Cluster-Wide Metrics

From the Metrics tab, you can also view the following cluster-wide metrics:

These metrics widgets show the following information:

Memory usage

Cluster-wide memory used, including memory that is cached, swapped, used, and shared

Network usage

The cluster-wide network utilization, including in-and-out

CPU Usage

Cluster-wide CPU information, including system, user and wait IO

Cluster Load

Cluster-wide Load information, including total number of nodes. total number of CPUs, number of running processes and 1-min Load

You can customize this display as follows:

  • To remove a widget

    Click the white X.

  • To magnify the chart or itemize the widget display

    Hover your cursor over the widget.

  • To remove or add metrics

    Select the item on the widget legend.

  • To see a larger view of the chart

    Select the magnifying glass icon.

Ambari displays a larger version of the widget in a separate window:

You can use the larger view in the same ways that you use the dashboard.

To close the larger view, click OK.