Apache Ambari Operations
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Setting Rolling Restart Parameters

When you choose to restart slave components, you should use parameters to control how restarts of components roll. Parameter values based on ten percent of the total number of components in your cluster are set as default values. For example, default settings for a rolling restart of components in a three-node cluster restarts one component at a time, waits two minutes between restarts, proceeds if only one failure occurs, and restarts all existing components that run this service. Enter integer, non-zero values for all parameters.

Batch Size

Number of components to include in each restart batch.

Wait Time

Time (in seconds) to wait between queuing each batch of components.

Tolerate up to x failures

Total number of restart failures to tolerate, across all batches, before halting the restarts and not queuing batches.

If you trigger a rolling restart of components, the default value of Restart components with stale configs is true. If you trigger a rolling restart of services, this value is false.

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