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Setting Maintenance Mode

Setting Maintenance Mode enables you to suppress alerts and omit bulk operations for specific services, components, and hosts in an Ambari-managed cluster when you want to focus on performing hardware or software maintenance, changing configuration settings, troubleshooting, decommissioning, or removing cluster nodes.

Explicitly setting Maintenance Mode for a service implicitly sets Maintenance Mode for components and hosts that run the service. While Maintenance Mode prevents bulk operations being performed on the service, component, or host, you may explicitly start and stop a service, component, or host while in Maintenance Mode.

The following sections provide examples of how to use Maintenance Mode in a three-node, Ambari-managed cluster installed using default options and having one data node, on host c6403. They describe how to explicitly turn on Maintenance Mode for the HDFS service, alternative procedures for explicitly turning on Maintenance Mode for a host, and the implicit effects of turning on Maintenance Mode for a service, a component, and a host.

More Information

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