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Analyzing the Details of Hive Queries

Click the relevant link in the Query ID column for a query that you want to investigate. A window with three tabs containing information about the query is displayed.

Details Tab

The Details tab, the first of the three tabs, is displayed after clicking a Query ID link.

Figure 11.4. Details for a Successful Query with Links to Application and DAG Windows

Total Timeline View

Click the Timeline tab to get a visual representation of Hive performance logs. The view represents the following pre-execution, runtime, and post-execution phases of a query:

  • Pre-execution and DAG construction

  • DAG submission

  • DAG runtime

  • Post-execution

Duration data about each phase are distilled into more granular metrics based on query execution logs.

A search-enabled table with raw performance log names and their major values is displayed under the timeline visualization.

Figure 11.5. Total Timeline and Log Details of a Submitted Query

Configurations Tab

Click the Configurations tab to see a list of configuration properties and settings that are used in the Hive query. You can use this tab to verify that configuration property values align with your expectations.


By default, only configuration property names that contain the substring tez are listed. Use the Search field to change the search criteria.

Figure 11.6. Configurations Tab