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Creating a Hive View Instance


  1. Click Manage Ambari to open the Ambari Admin user interface.

  2. Click Views > Hive > Create Instance.

  3. On the Create Instance page, select the Version. If multiple Hive View JAR files are present, choose one.

  4. Enter the following view instance details:

    Table 2.1. Hive View Instance Details



    Example Value

    Instance Name

    This is the Hive view instance name. This value should be unique for all Hive view instances you create. This value cannot contain spaces and is required.


    Display Name

    This is the name of the view link displayed to the user in Ambari Web.

    Hive View


    This is the description of the view displayed to the user in Ambari Web.

    Auto-created when the Hive service is deployed.

    Short URLAlternative to full URL to quickly navigate to the Hive View.Auto-created when the Hive service is deployed.


    This checkbox determines whether the view is displayed to users in Ambari Web.

    Visible or Not Visible

  5. The Settings and Cluster Configuration options depend on a few cluster and deployment factors in your environment. Typically, you can accept the default Settings unless you are using the Hive View with a Kerberos-enabled cluster.

  6. Click Save.

More Information

Settings and Cluster Configuration