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Identifying Causes of Failed Jobs

Tez View enables you to quickly find and report errors. When a Tez task fails, you must:

  • Identify why the task failed

  • Capture the reason for task failure

The DAG Details tab

When a Tez task fails, the DAG Detailstab explains the failure. You can download the data of the DAG to further examine the cause of failure. Starting with Tez View in Ambari 2.5.0, the downloader has the following features:

  • A progress bar during the download process is displayed and includes messaging about the download status

  • If the data download is not completely successful, some information rather than a failure message without any DAG details is provided. The available data is stored as JSON file in the zip archive.

  • If the downloader fails to completely capture any data, the downloader re-attempts to download data. The maximum number of re-attempted downloads is 3. The main reason for this feature is to address the scenario where ATS is briefly offline.

Figure 11.10. DAG Details Window