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Jobs Tab

You can view the history of all queries that the current user executed in the Hive View instance on the Jobs tab. In addition, activity in the Hive View that does not execute queries is logged, such as generating a visual explain plan for a query that is not run.

The History tab of Hive View in Ambari 2.4.2 and earlier versions was a predecessor to the Jobs tab. The functionality of the Jobs tab is similar to the History tab. The main differences are:

  • The Stop execution button that was on the History tab is not on the Jobs tab. Instead, you can stop an executing query by clicking the Stop button on the Query tab.

  • The History tab displayed all queries that were run by the current user on the databases selected in Hive View, even if the user executed the queries outside Hive View (such as in a JDBC or ODBC client). The Jobs tab only shows activity of the current user in Hive View.

Figure 6.7. Jobs Tab of Hive View 2.0

Note the following details about the way the UI operates:

  • The Title column displays query names. If no name was assigned to the query, the worksheet number appears.

  • Click the icon in the Action column to toggle between compact and expanded view of each job. Expanding a job on this tab shows the SQL statement for the action. For example, in the Jobs Tab screenshot above, Job 56 and Job 53 are expanded.