Apache Ambari Views
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Configuring Hive View

This section describes:


  • Prepare your Ambari Server for hosting views.

    It is strongly recommended that you:

    • increase the amount of memory available to your Ambari Server

    • run a standalone Ambari Server to host the views

  • Install Tez View when you install Hive View. Tez View integrates with Hive View.

Hive View Versions

With the release of Apache Ambari 2.5.0, two Hive View versions install as part of your Hortonworks Data Platform distribution:

Hive View 1.5

Hive View 2.0

Both versions are JDBC-based. You can run both views simultaneously, use only one of the views, or upgrade your data from the older view to the newer view.


In the Ambari UI and in this documentation going forward, Hive View refers to version 1.5 of the view and Hive View 2.0 is the term to differentiate the new version of the view from the previous version.

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