Using Ambari Core Services
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Example Ambari audit logs

A working example of creating an external table of Ambari audit logs.

CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE audit_logs_ambari
evtTime string,
log_message string,
resource string,
result int,
action string,
reason string,
ws_base_url string,
ws_command string,
ws_component string,
ws_details string,
ws_display_name string,
ws_os string,
ws_repo_id string,
ws_repo_version string,
ws_repositories string,
ws_request_id string,
ws_roles string,
ws_stack string,
ws_stack_version string,
ws_version_note string,
ws_version_number string,
ws_status string,
ws_result_status string,
cliType string,
reqUser string,
task_id int,
cluster string,
type string,
path string,
logfile_line_number int,
host string,
cliIP string,
id string,
event_md5 string,
message_md5 string,
seq_num int