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Write data to S3

Descriptions of the command-line options for writing data to S3.

-t KEY_FILE_PATH, --key-file-path=KEY_FILE_PATH

The path to the file on the local file system that contains the AWS Access and Secret Keys. The file should contain the keys in this format: [ACCESS_KEY],[SECRET_KEY]

-b BUCKET, --bucket=BUCKET

The name of the bucket that data should be uploaded to in save or archive mode.

-y KEY_PREFIX, --key-prefix=KEY_PREFIX

The key prefix allows you to create a logical grouping of the objects in an S3 bucket. The prefix value is similar to a directory name enabling you to store data in the same directory in a bucket. For example, if your Amazon S3 bucket name is logs, and you set prefix to hadoop/, and the file on your storage device is hadoop_logs_-_2017-10-28T01_25_40.693Z.json.gz, then the file would be identified by this URL:

-g, --ignore-unfinished-uploading

To deal with connectivity issues, uploading extracted data can be retried. If you do not wish to resume uploads, use the -g flag to disable this behaviour.