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Kafka Home

Metrics that show overall status for the Kafka cluster.

Table 1. Kafka Home metrics descriptions
Row Metrics Description
BYTES IN & OUT / MESSAGES IN Bytes In & Bytes Out /sec Rate at which bytes are produced into the Kafka cluster and the rate at which bytes are being consumed from the Kafka cluster.
Messages In /sec Number of messages produced into the Kafka cluster.
CONTROLLER/LEADER COUNT & REPLICA MAXLAG Active Controller Count Number of active controllers in the Kafka cluster. This should always equal one.
Replica MaxLag Shows the lag of each replica from the leader.
Leader Count Number of partitions for which a particular host is the leader.
UNDER REPLICATED PATRITIONS & OFFLINE PARTITONS COUNT Under Replicated Partitions Indicates if any partitions in the cluster are under-replicated.
Offline Partitions Count Indicates if any partitions are offline (which means that no leaders or replicas are available for producing or consuming).
PRODUCER & CONSUMER REQUESTS Producer Req /sec Rate at which producer requests are made to the Kafka cluster.
Consumer Req /sec Rate at which consumer requests are made from the Kafka cluster.
LEADER ELECTION AND UNCLEAN LEADER ELECTIONS Leader Election Rate Rate at which leader election is happening in the Kafka cluster.
Unclean Leader Elections Indicates if there are any unclean leader elections. Unclean leader election indicates that a replica which is not part of ISR is elected as a leader.
ISR SHRINKS / ISR EXPANDED IsrShrinksPerSec If the broker goes down, ISR shrinks. In such case, this metric indicates if any of the partitions are not part of ISR.
IsrExpandsPerSec Once the broker comes back up and catches up with the leader, this metric indicates if any partitions rejoined ISR.
REPLICA FETCHER MANAGER ReplicaFetcherManager MaxLag The maximum lag in messages between the follower and leader replicas.