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Kafka Hosts

Metrics that show operating status for Kafka cluster on a per broker level.

Use the drop-down menus to customize your results:
  • Kafka broker

  • Host

  • Whether to view the largest (top) or the smallest (bottom) values

  • Number of values that you want to view

  • Aggregator to use: average, max value, or the sum of values

Table 1. Kafka Hosts metrics descriptions
Row Metrics Description
BYTES IN & OUT / MESSAGES IN / UNDER REPLICATED PARTITIONS Bytes In & Bytes Out /sec Rate at which bytes produced into the Kafka broker and rate at which bytes are being consumed from the Kafka broker.
Messages In /sec Number of messages produced into the Kafka broker.
Under Replicated Partitions Number of under-replicated partitions in the Kafka broker.
PRODUCER & CONSUMER REQUESTS Producer Req /sec Rate at which producer requests are made to the Kafka broker.
Consumer Req /sec Rate at which consumer requests are made from the Kafka broker.
REPLICA MANAGER PARTITION/LEADER/FETCHER MANAGER MAX LAG Replica Manager Partition Count Number of topic partitions being replicated for the Kafka broker.
Replica Manager Leader Count Number of topic partitions for which the Kafka broker is the leader.
Replica Fetcher Manager MaxLag clientId Replica Shows the lag in replicating topic partitions.
ISR SHRINKS / ISR EXPANDS IsrShrinks /sec Indicates if any replicas failed to be in ISR for the host.
IsrExpands /sec Indicates if any replica has caught up with leader and re-joined the ISR for the host.