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The HDFS - Home dashboard displays metrics that show operating status for HDFS.

In a NameNode HA setup, metrics are collected from and displayed for both the active and the standby NameNode.
Table 1. HDFS Home metrics descriptions
Row Metrics Description
NUMBER OF FILES UNDER CONSTRUCTION & RPC CLIENT CONNECTIONS Number of Files Under Construction Number of HDFS files that are still being written.
PC Client Connections Number of open RPC connections from clients on NameNode(s).
TOTAL FILE OPERATIONS & CAPACITY USED Total File Operations Total number of operations on HDFS files, including file creation/deletion/rename/truncation, directory/file/block information retrieval, and snapshot related operations.
Capacity Used CapacityTotalGB shows total HDFS storage capacity, in GB. CapacityUsedGB indicates total used HDFS storage capacity, in GB.
RPC CLIENT PORT SLOW CALLS & HDFS TOTAL LOAD RPC Client Port Slow Calls Number of slow RPC requests on NameNode. A "slow" RPC request is one that takes more time to complete than 99.7% of other requests.
HDFS Total Load Total number of connections on all the DataNodes sending/receiving data.
ADD BLOCK STATUS Add Block Time The average time (in ms) serving addBlock RPC request on NameNode(s).
Add Block Num Ops The rate of addBlock RPC requests on NameNode(s).