Using Ambari Core Services
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Extract records

Descriptions of the Extract Record command-line options.

-r READ_BLOCK_SIZE, --read-block-size=READ_BLOCK_SIZE

The number of records to read at a time from Solr. For example: ‘10’ to read 10 records at a time.

-w WRITE_BLOCK_SIZE, --write-block-size=WRITE_BLOCK_SIZE

The number of records to write per output file. For example: ‘100’ to write 100 records per file.

-j NAME, --name=NAME name included in result files

Additional name to add to the final filename created in save or archive mode.


Default output format is one valid json document per record delimited by a newline. This option will write out a single valid JSON document containing all of the records.

-z COMPRESSION, --compression=COMPRESSION none | tar.gz | tar.bz2 | zip | gz

Depending on how output files will be analyzed, you have the choice to choose the optimal compression and file format to use for output files. Gzip compression is used by default.