Using Ambari Core Services
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Understanding Ambari log search

Ambari Log Search enables you to search for logs generated by Ambari-managed HDP components.

Ambari Log Search relies on the Ambari Infra service to provide Apache Solr indexing services. Two components compose the Log Search solution:

Log Feeder

The Log Feeder component parses component logs. A Log Feeder is deployed to every node in the cluster and interacts with all component logs on that host. When started, the Log Feeder begins to parse all known component logs and sends them to the Apache Solr instances (managed by the Ambari Infra service) to be indexed.

By default, only FATAL, ERROR, and WARN logs are captured by the Log Feeder. You can temporarily or permanently add other log levels using the Log Search UI filter settings (for temporary log level capture) or through the Log Search configuration control in Ambari.

Log Search Server

The Log Search Server hosts the Log Search UI web application, providing the API that is used by Ambari and the Log Search UI to access the indexed component logs. After logging in as a local or LDAP user, you can use the Log Search UI to visualize, explore, and search indexed component logs.