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YARN NodeManagers

Metrics to see status of YARN NodeManagers on the YARN cluster.

Table 1. YARN NodeManagers metrics descriptions
Row Metrics Description
NUM CONTAINERS Containers Running Current number of running containers.
Containers Failed Accumulated number of failed containers.
Containers Killed Accumulated number of killed containers.
Containers Completed Accumulated number of completed containers.
MEMORY UTILIZATION Memory Available Available memory for allocating containers on this node.
Used Memory Used memory by containers on this node.
DISK UTILIZATION Disk Utilization for Good Log Dirs Disk utilization percentage across all good log directories.
Disk Utilization for Good Local Dirs Disk utilization percentage across all good local directories.
Bad Log Dirs Number of bad log directories.
Bad Local Dirs Number of bad local directories.
AVE CONTAINER LAUNCH DELAY Ave Container Launch Delay Average time taken for a NM to launch a container.
RPC METRICS RPC Avg Processing Time Average time for processing a RPC call.
RPC Avg Queue Time Average time for queuing a PRC call.
RPC Call Queue Length The length of the RPC call queue.
RPC Slow Calls Number of slow RPC calls.
JVM METRICS Heap Mem Usage Current heap memory usage.
NonHeap Mem Usage Current non-heap memory usage.
GC Count Accumulated GC count over time.
GC Time Accumulated GC time over time.
LOG FATAL Number of FATAL logs.