5. Installing HDP Client Libraries on a Remote Host

HDP client libraries are Java libraries that facilitate communication from a remote host. An HDP client library has all the HDP JAR files on it for communicating with Hive, HDFS, etc. Note that you will not find any HDP service running on the client host machine.

Use the following instructions to install HDP client libraries on a remote host:

  1. Copy existing clusterproperties.txt file from any host machine in your cluster.

  2. Run the HDP installer from the client host. Execute the following command on your client host machine:

    /i "<$MSI_PATH>" 
    /lv "<$PATH_to_Installer_Log_File>" 


    • HDP_LAYOUT: Mandatory parameter. Provide location of the copied clusterproperties.txt file on your client host machine (For example, d:\config\clusterproperties.txt). The path to the clusterproperties.txt file must be absolute. Relative paths do not work.

    • HDP_DIR: Optional parameter. Install directory for HDP (For example, d:\hdp). The default value is <$Default_Drive>/hdp.

    • DESTROY_DATA: Optional parameter. Specifies whether to preserve or delete existing data in target data directories (allowed values are undefined(default), yes, and no).

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