2. Option 1: Central Push Install Using a Deployment Service

Many Windows data centers have standard corporate procedures for performing centralized push-install of software packages to hundreds or thousands of computers at the same time. In general, these same procedures also allow a centralized push-install of HDP to a Hadoop cluster.

If your Data Center already has such procedures in place, then follow this checklist:

  1. Identify and configure the hosts for the Hadoop cluster nodes.

  2. On the host nodes, complete all the prerequisites described in Before You Begin. Make sure you set an environment variable for JAVA_HOME. (Remember, Java cannot be installed in a location where the pathname includes spaces.)

    Be especially careful to identify:

    • Supported operating system

    • Dependent software and environment variable settings

    • Enable PowerShell remote scripting and set cluster nodes as trusted hosts

    • Resolvable host names and static IPv4 addresses

    • Open ports required for HDP operation

  3. Download the HDP Windows Installation package. This package includes a sample cluster properties file called clusterproperties.txt.

  4. Create (or edit) the cluster properties file using your host information. See Defining Cluster Properties.


    Nodes in the cluster communicate with each other using the host name or IP address defined in the cluster properties file. For multi-homed systems (systems that can be accessed internally and externally) and systems with more than one NIC, ensure that the preferred name or IP address is specified in the Cluster Properties file.

  5. Use your standard procedures to push both the HDP Installer MSI and the custom cluster properties file to each node in the cluster.

  6. Continue to use your standard procedures to execute the installation remotely, using the parameters documented in About the HDP MSI Installer and HDP Public Properties. For examples of msiexec commands, see Option 3: Installing HDP from the Command Line.


    The HDP Installer unpacks the MSI contents to SystemDrive\HadoopInstallFiles. A detailed installation log is located at SystemDrive\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopSetupTools\hdp- Do not remove this folder; it is required for uninstalling HDP.

  7. Examine the results and/or logs from your standard procedures to ensure that all nodes were successfully installed.

    After the installation completes, configure and start the Hadoop services.

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