Chapter 8. Uninstalling HDP

Choose one of the following options to uninstall HDP.

Use the Windows GUI:

  1. Open the Programs and Features Control Panel Pane.

  2. Select the program listed: Hortonworks Data Platform for Windows.

  3. With that program selected, click on the Uninstalloption.

Use the Command Line Utility:

On each cluster host, execute the following command from the command shell:

msiexec /x MSI_PATH /lv PATH_to_Installer_Log_File DESTROY_DATA=no


  • MSI_PATH is the full path to MSI.

  • PATH_to_Installer_Log_File is the full path to Installer log file.

Note that this msiexec command retains data from your HDP installation. To delete existing HDP data, set DESTROY_DATA=yes.

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